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About Edgecliff Village, Texas

Edgecliff Village is a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, with a population just under 3,000. It is actually completely enclosed by Fort Worth, with a radius of about 1.2 square miles. It is a community town made up primarily of families with young children.

There is some expansion going on as Edgecliff Village is using its last remaining piece of open land to build single-family homes. Once those are built, there will be little to no land available for any new construction.

Inmate Search for Edgeville Village

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Edgecliff Village Municipal Court Contact and Location

1605 Edgecliff Rd.
Edgecliff Village,
TX 76134

Phone: 817-293-4313

Bail Bonds in Edgecliff Village, Texas (TX 76134)

It’s impossible to know when something will go wrong and find you or a loved one behind bars. Even in a town as small as Edgecliff Village, things can happen. For those unpredictable moments, call PCS Bail Bonds.

PCS Bail Bonds will help post bail for residents of Edgecliff Village who have been arrested for a crime. As long as bail is an option, PCS Bail Bonds knows the court procedures inside out and will get your loved one out on bail as quickly as possible.

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