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Bail for Assault Charges


What is Assault?

In Texas, assault can either be a misdemeanor or a felony charge depending on the severity of the crime. Any violence against another person can be characterized by assault, and the charge can come with heavy jail time, particularly if weapons are involved.

Acts of Assault

Any of the following three circumstances is considered an act of assault:

1. Intentionally causing bodily injury to another person.
2. Intentionally threatening someone with bodily injury
3. Intentionally causing physical contact in a way that is offensive or provocative

Misdemeanor Assault and Felony Assault

A Class A misdemeanor, also considered simple assault, can earn violators up to one year in prison and a maximum fine of $4,000. These charges, however, can get elevated to third degree assault if you are in a relationship with the victim, knew the victim was a public servant, or knew the victim was an emergency services worker or a security guard.

Assault with a Weapon/Aggravated Assault

Everything becomes that much worse if an assault takes place with a weapon. Now you’re in the second degree felony class which means you could face up to 20 years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine.

Common Texas Assault Charges

There are many different types of assault. Here are a few that PCS Bail Bonds can provide bail services:

● Assault causing serious bodily injury
● Assault on a public servant
● Assault with a deadly weapon
● Assault family violence
● Domestic assault
● Sexual assault
● Aggravated assault
● Aggravated sexual assault
● Injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual
● Abandoning or endangering a child
● Deadly conduct
● Consent as defense to assaultive conduct
● Tampering with consumer product
● Leaving a child in a vehicle
● Harassment by persons in certain correctional facilities; harassment of public servant
● Applicability to certain conduct

Are You Accused of Assault?

If you are currently in a position where you have been charged with assault and find yourself behind bars, contact PCS Bail Bonds to help arrange your bail. You want the opportunity to be with your family during what may be a difficult court process. PCS Bail Bonds has 25 years of experience in bail bonds and can help keep you out of jail for the duration of your trial.

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