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Bail for Bail Jumping and Failure to Appear Charges in Texas


What is Bail Jumping/Failure to Appear (FTA) in Texas

Bail jumping in Texas is when a defendant out on bail fails to show up for her or his court date. The full name of the charge is actually “bail jumping failure to appear.” Once this happens, a warrant will be put out for the arrest of the defendant. Then new charges will be filed in addition to the original charge.

What is the Penalty for Bail Jumping/Failure to Appear in Texas

The penalty for bail jumping failure to appear can have a wide scope. A defendant can simply be placed back in jail to serve time until their trial is over. They can be ordered to pay fines starting at $500 up to $10,000, or for more serious offenses, a defendant may spend anywhere from two to 10 years in prison. It’s important to note that a charge of bail jumping/failure to appear must be issued within three years of the original offense.

Bail Jumping Bail Bondsman in Texas

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