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How to Get Bail for Public Intoxication Charges in Texas


Bail for Public Intoxication ChargesWhat Is Public Intoxication in Texas?

Public intoxication in Texas is considered a Class C Misdemeanor. This means it is not the most serious of charges. However, what becomes the biggest setback for anyone charged with a public intoxication misdemeanor is the fact they will have a criminal record.

Public intoxication in Texas is defined as a person who is intoxicated while in public and may present a danger to others or possibly themselves. You can be as drunk as you want in the State of Texas. You can even be drunk and be in public. The charges for public intoxication only come into play when the danger factor becomes present.

Charges for Public Intoxication

As mentioned, only a public intoxication fine will be issued for anyone charged with public intoxication. That fine is not to exceed $500.00, which is fairly minimal. The more serious problem is that now that person has a criminal record, which may prove to be a hindrance while trying to get a job or even when traveling. If possible, it’s best not to plead guilty to this charge in order to find ways to keep it off your record. You shouldn’t willingly give yourself a criminal record, especially if this is an isolated incident in which nobody was hurt. However, that this is merely a suggestion, not any kind of legal advice.

Get Bail for Public Intoxication in Texas

Many people facing the implication of a criminal record ask themselves how to get out of a public intoxication fine in Texas. The best step you can take is to treat the matter seriously and get some legal advice. If possible, take it a step further and hire a lawyer.

The thing about public intoxication is that it is not like a speeding ticket. Just because they are in the same misdemeanor class doesn’t mean it affects you in the same way. Speeding tickets do not stay on your permanent criminal record. Speeding tickets also don’t impact your ability to get a job or get into graduate school. A charge of public intoxication will impact all of these things.

Bail is certainly a possibility when charged with public intoxication. The best situation would be a dismissal of your public intoxication charge in Texas. This would negate any chance of leaving you with a criminal record. Even if your charges are eventually dismissed, you will still have to go through the bail bond process. For this reason, PCS Bail Bonds is here to help.

PCS Bail Bonds has over 25 years of experience processing bail bonds in Tarrant County. We’ve seen our fair share of public intoxication. We know that sometimes these things happen and that you want to get back home to your family as soon as possible.

Even though public intoxication in Texas warrants a fine of only $500.00, you still want to treat this matter seriously. As we’ve mentioned, get the right legal advice so you’re good record isn’t tarnished. In the meantime, we suggest you contact PCS Bail Bonds today if you or anyone you love is in need of bail for being intoxicated while in public.


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