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Stalking Laws in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas: Is Stalking Bailable?


stalking bail bond servicesWhat Constitutes Stalking in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas?

Though many people may associate stalking with an offender continually watching and waiting outside someone’s home, the term stalking is actually far broader than that. There is no state in which stalking is legal, but the definitions of the term may vary from state to state. In Texas, stalking is defined as “someone knowingly [engaging] in behavior that someone else would find threatening, and that would cause a reasonable person to be afraid.”

To add to this definition, the threat has to be constant for it to be considered stalking. Stalking laws in Texas and all other states also consider unwanted e-mails, telephone calls, or any other communication as grounds for stalking. If an offender is consistently sending someone unwanted gifts, then that could be considered stalking as well.

Penalty for Stalking in Dallas Texas

In Texas, a stalking charge is not a charge that the Criminal Code takes lightly and even first-time offenders can face serious charges. For a third-degree stalking felony, the penalty is incarceration from two to 10 years in a state prison. There is also a possible fine of up to $10,000.

A second stalking conviction becomes even more serious. The charge is upgraded to a second-degree felony and the offender can be placed in prison for up to 20 years.

Before a conviction is even ordered or after a conviction is served, offenders may be given a restraining order. This prevents them from contacting or being within a designated proximity to the victim. Any violation of this order can result in further charges being processed.

Arrested with Stalking Charge in Dallas or Fort Worth?

There are many ways an individual can be charged with stalking in Texas. The Texas penal code does not require stalking to even be physical to issue a charge. As mentioned, any unwanted communication, including cyberstalking or phone calls, can be considered stalking.

If an offender is arrested for stalking, it is still possible to get bail. The bail terms will more than likely come with a restraining order preventing the offender from seeing or contacting the victim. The restraining order must be followed to the letter or the offender risks facing additional charges.

Is Stalking Bailable?

PCS Bail Bonds has worked within the Fort Worth community for over 25 years. We’ve seen some of the most complicated cases in our time with the courts. Stalking is a broad crime that has some potentially severe repercussions; however, the answer to the question “Is stalking bailable?” is yes. It is still possible to receive bail for a stalking charge in Texas.

That bail will likely come with strict conditions, and those conditions must be adhered to. If you or someone you know has been charged with stalking and is in need of bail, Contact us right away. We can provide stalking bail bond services and will help you through the bail process.

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