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Court Guide – Tarrant County


Like most court systems across the country, Tarrant County’s court system is made up of Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, Probate Courts, Magistrate Courts, and finally the JOP, or Justice of Peace. All of these courts are housed within the Civil Courts building, the Tarrant County Courthouse, the Justice Center, and the Criminal Courts Building.

Going to Court? What If You or Your Loved One Has Been Arrested?

Once arrested and charged, there is often an opportunity for a defendant to post bail. This will require either payment in full of the requested bail amount, or the defendant to work with a bail bondsman to secure his their release. This is contingent on there not being any other conflicting legal matters.

If Free on Bond

Once the defendant is released on bail, they are obligated to show up to all scheduled court proceedings or else they face penalties, including being thrown in jail. A defendant should hire a lawyer to represent them in court. Should they prove that they are not able to afford a lawyer, then the court will appoint a lawyer to handle the case.

If in Jail

Similar rules apply if a defendant is in jail because they are unable to get bond. An attorney will be appointed to the defendant within 24 hours of them being incarcerated. A defendant is also still allowed to hire a private attorney while they are incarcerated.

What If You Are Not a U.S Citizen?

For non-U.S citizens charged and incarcerated, it is likely there will be a hold on the defendant by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). This hold means the defendant will remain in jail regardless of whether a bond is an option.

Dos and Don’ts in the Courtroom


Dressing to appear in court should be treated in the same manner as dressing for a job interview. Items like shorts and T-shirts and clothing that is too tight should be avoided. Collared shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts are more appropriate clothing to wear when in court. Also, chewing gum or wearing hats is not proper courtroom decorum.

Children and Court

This is a sensitive matter. While family is always a good source of support, young children do not benefit in any way from being witness to court proceedings. And if there is even the slightest possibility that you may be arrested in court, it is not an impression you want to leave with your children. If you absolutely must bring your child to the courtroom, arrange to have someone take care of them should the worst happen. If not, the courts can actually have Child Protective Services take custody of your child till something works out.

Courts in Tarrant County, Texas

Location for Tarrant County Courts

All criminal courts in downtown Fort Worth are located inside the Tim Curry Justice Center at 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, Texas, 76196.

About the Tarrant County Criminal Courts

There are 10 district courts in Tarrant County that handle felony criminal matters and another 10 county criminal courts that handle misdemeanor criminal cases.

Tarrant County Civil Courts

The clerk is responsible for intaking, processing, and maintaining all civil case matters not exceeding a jurisdictional limit of $200,000. These include cases involving debt, garnishments, injunctions, temporary restraining orders, breach of contract, as well as personal injury cases, plus many more.

Tarrant County District Civil Courts


17th District Court
Judge Melody Wilkinson
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 3rd Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
48th District Court
Judge David Evans
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 4th Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
67th District Court
Judge Don Cosby
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 4th Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
96th District Court
Judge R. H. Wallace, Jr.
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 4th Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
141st District Court
Judge John P. Chupp
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 3rd Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
153rd District Court
Judge Susan Heygood McCoy
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 3rd Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
236th District Court
Judge Tom Lowe
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 5th Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
342nd District Court
Judge Wade Birdwell
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 5th Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
348th District Court
Judge Dana Womack
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 3rd Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
352nd District Court
Judge Mark T. Pittman
Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building – 4th Floor
100 North Calhoun Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196


Tarrant County Civil County Courts


County Court at Law No. 1
Judge Don Pierson
Tarrant County Courthouse
100 West Weatherford Street – Room 490
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240
County Court at Law No. 2
Judge Jennifer Rymell
Tarrant County Courthouse
100 West Weatherford Street – Room 240A
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240
County Court at Law No. 3
Judge Mike Hrabal
Tarrant County Courthouse
100 West Weatherford Street – Room 290A
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240


Tarrant County Family Courts

Note that the same severe weather policy that applies to the Fort Worth Independent School District also applies to Family District Court with regards to closures.

231st District Court
Judge Jesus Nevarez, Jr.
Family Law Center – 5th Floor
200 East Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240
Associate Judge Lindsay DeVos
233rd District Court
Judge William Harris
Family Law Center – 5th Floor
200 East Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0227
Associate Judge Diane Haddock
322nd District Court
Judge Nancy Berger
Family Law Center – 4th Floor
200 East Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0230
Associate Judge James Munford
324th District Court
Judge Jerome S. Hennigan
Family Law Center – 4th Floor
200 East Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0232
Associate Judge Beth Poulos
325th District Court
Judge Judith Wells
Family Law Center – 5th Floor
200 East Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0233
Associate Judge Terri White
360th District Court
Judge Mike Sinha
Family Law Center – 4th Floor
200 East Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0290
Associate Judge Cynthia Mendoza
IV – D (Child Support) Courts
Family Law Center – 1st Floor
200 East Weatherford
Fort Worth, TX 76196


Juvenile Courts

Juvenile Court hearings are formal proceedings that happen inside the courtroom. It is suggested that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to your scheduled proceeding and speak with your child’s attorney. Please keep in mind the dress code.

323rd District Court – Hearing Child Welfare and Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Scott D. Moore Juvenile Justice Center
2701 Kimbo Road
Fort Worth, TX 76111

Tarrant County Probate Courts

Probate Courts are for determining the validity of a will, but they actually stretch to involve the administration of estates and splitting of assets, including distribution of those assets to the will’s beneficiaries.

Judges selected countywide preside over probate cases in Tarrant County.

Probate Court No. 1
Judge Steve M. King
Tarrant County Courthouse – Room 260A
100 West Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0242
Probate Court No. 2
Judge Patrick W. Ferchill
Tarrant County Courthouse – Room 150
100 West Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196-0242


Justice of the Peace Courts

This is more commonly referred to as “People’s Court.” Eight Justice Courts currently exist in Tarrant County. These courts are for cases not exceeding $10,000 along with other misdemeanor cases. Judges remain in their position for four years until another vote is conducted by voters within their precinct.

Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace 
Ralph Swearingin Jr.
1895 Courthouse
100 West Weatherford 
Room 450
Fort Worth, TX 
Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace 
Mary Tom Curnutt
Southeast Subcourthouse
700 East Abram Street, 
Suite 200
Arlington, TX 
Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace
Russ Casey
Northeast Courthouse
645 Grapevine Highway
Suite 220
Hurst, TX 76054
Southlake Government 
1400 Main Street, 
Suite 220
Southlake, TX 
Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace 
Jacquelyn Wright
Northwest Subcourthouse
6713 Telephone Road, 
Suite 201
Lake Worth, TX 
Precinct 5 Justice of the Peace 
Sergio L. De Leon
Fort Worth Police
Administration Building
350 West Belknap, 
Room 112-C
Fort Worth, TX 
Precinct 6 Justice of the Peace 
Gary Ritchie
Southwest Subcourthouse
6551 Granbury Road
Fort Worth, TX 
Precinct 7 Justice of the Peace 
Matt Hayes
Mansfield Subcourthouse
1100 East Broad Street, 
Suite 202
Mansfield, TX 
Precinct 8 Justice of the Peace 
Lisa R. Woodard
Poly Subcourthouse
3500 Miller Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 


Magistrate Courts

Judge Rainey Webb, Judge Sheila Wynn, Judge Timmie White
Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center – Basement
401 West Belknap Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196

The Second Court of Appeals, Fort Worth, Texas

Seven justices make up the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth, Texas. They have jurisdiction over courts in 12 counties across north-central Texas. All appeals exceeding $250 are handled in this court, including all appeals minus those in which the death penalty applies. It is also possible for the Second Court of Appeals to have jurisdiction over initial proceedings.

Counties served:

  • Archer
  • Clay
  • Cooke
  • Denton
  • Hood
  • Jack
  • Montague
  • Parker
  • Tarrant
  • Wichita
  • Wise
  • Young

IV-D Courts

These courts hear all of Tarrant County’s child support cases and are funded by both state and federal funds.

Family Law Center -1st Floor
200 East Weatherford Street
Fort Worth, TX 76196
IV-D Court No. 1
Associate Judge Steve Owen
Court Coordinator: Veronica Rivera – 817-884-2621
Bailiff: Matt Hayden – 817-884-2764
Court Reporter: Serena Davis
Administrative Clerk: Scott Elledge – 817-884-1722
Court Fax: 817-884-3594
IV-D Court No. 2
Associate Judge Cherami Jenkins
Court Coordinator: Carmen Norwood-Sims – 817-884-3298
Bailiff: Steve Salas – 817-884-3299
Court Reporter: Serena Davis
Administrative Clerk: Scott Elledge – 817-884-1722
Court Fax: 817-212-7243

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