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How Many Times Can I Be Released from Jail with a Bail Bond?


Each arrest is different, and it’s always up to the judge to determine whether you’ll be able to get out on bail or not. Once you’ve been arrested, a judge will review your case. They will then decide whether you’ll be held on bail or not. Their decision will be based on your criminal record, whether there are any holds on you, and the crime you’re currently being accused of.

A hold is basically a detainer placed on you by another governmental institution—this can include owing a backlog of child support, or having a number of unpaid traffic tickets. If you’re found to have a hold against you, you’d be required to wait out your sentence in jail until it’s been cleared. The more extensive your criminal history is and the more severe your crime is, the less chance you’ll have of being held on bail. If the judge decides you can, indeed, be released on bail, the next step if for them to decide how much your bail amount will be.

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