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PCS Bail Bonds Comments on Fort Worth Based American Airlines Lawsuit Concerning Inappropriate Touching of Female Passenger


PCS Bail Bonds (www.PCSBailBonds.com), Fort Worth, Texas’ most trusted bail bond service, is weighing in on a lawsuit aimed at Fort Worth-based American Airlines concerning inappropriate touching of a female passenger.

Muhammad Asif Chaudhry, 57, was arrested for allegedly touching a girl in an inappropriate manner on an American Airlines aircraft. However, the parents of this alleged victim are not convinced that American Airlines did all it could have done to protect their daughter as a passenger and have filed a lawsuit against the company. (Source: “AA Lawsuit: Girl Inappropriately Touched By Passenger On Flight,” CBS DFW web site, September 7, 2015; http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2015/09/07/aa-lawsuit-girl-inappropriately-touched-by-passenger-on-flight/.)

“It’s alarming when this type of case is brought to light, especially considering it involves a young girl,” says Paul Schuder, owner of PCS Bail Bonds. “Children are so vulnerable, which is why society goes to such great lengths to protect them.”

The incident took place mid-flight on a July trip from New York to Iowa, with an FBI agent meeting and arresting Chaudhry during a stopover in Chicago. The girl was able to alert a flight attendant only after Chaudhry had committed the alleged assault. She was immediately moved to an open first-class seat and staff on the flight contacted the authorities.

Charged with engaging in sexual contact with a victim between the ages of 12 and 16, Chaudhry is currently out on $100,000 bail; the funds having been raised by his family. Neither he nor his lawyer has made any comments regarding the allegations. Chaudhry was expected to appear in a Chicago court on Tuesday, September 8.

Bail is set in proportion to the crime, so given the allegations Mr. Chaudhry is facing, a six-figure bail amount is in line with the charges,” Schuder concludes. “As for American Airlines, it is too early to be passing any judgements, as this is an open case. That said, everyone has the right to feel safe traveling, so hopefully this entire situation gets resolved quickly and justice is served to those who deserve it.”

PCS Bail Bonds continues to serve the Fort Worth area, as it has been for over 25 years. For valuable information on the process of receiving bail and the bail bond process, visit www.PCSBailBonds.com.

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Paul Schuder

Paul Schuder is the owner of PCS Bail Bonds and Profession Court Services (PCS). He is a lifelong resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Paul has over twenty years of courthouse experience, and has been in businesses involving the criminal justice system for his entire career. Paul has helped thousands of clients with their pursuit of justice and fair play. Mr. Schuder maintains high levels of respect with all the court house personnel, especially judges and attorneys. Using a close hands-on personal approach and a keen understanding of all cultures, helps people when they need it most. Add me to your G+

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