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What Is a Property/Secured Bond in Texas?

Property bonds are essentially another form of bail for defendants. Normally, once bail is set, the defendant can use cash to pay the stated amount. Sometimes the defendant or the person bailing them out may not have the cash. In those instances, a property bond is a suitable option.

Property bonds allow the defendant or the person bailing them out to use the equity in their homes as collateral for bail. For people who have little to no dispensable cash, but own their homes, this is a good way to secure bail.

Released by Property Bond

Property bonds do not occur that often. That’s because it takes courts significantly longer to secure any lien they put on a property than it would to secure the more common cash bonds. For that reason, when a property bond is issued, the property must be valued at 150% of the total bail amount.

The bail amount is determined by several factors, including:

  • The severity of the crime
  • Any prior criminal record
  • If it is determined the defendant is a threat to the community
  • If it is determined the defendant may flee the country
  • The judge’s discretion

Plus, there are many more variables that the court must consider.

Experienced Property Bonds Person in Fort Worth

Property bonds are complicated. There’s no other way to put it. You need an experienced bail bond company to help you through the entire process so you understand precisely what you are accountable for. As you can imagine, executing a property bond takes more time. There’s more paperwork involved and more court involvement in the process.

PCS Bail Bonds has the experience you need to complete a property bond successfully. We know what documents are needed and can make sure you are prepared to help your loved one make bail in a timely fashion.

And time is important. Every day spent in jail is difficult, and if you can help your loved one be at home while they deal with their court case, the situation becomes a lot less stressful. This is what we hope to provide at PCS Bail Bonds: an effective property bail bond service that is sensitive to your situation yet decisive and knowledgeable enough to navigate the system.

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