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Amazing service!!! I was helped by Tina excellently and with much patience and understanding!
Let me know if you need any help.

Dennise Terrell (Google Review) February 12, 2016


My son was in Mansfield Jail , Mr Paul was very good to me he meet with me and walked me through what was going to happen to my son and how long it would be before he was released from jail. His bond was high and Mr Paul let me put a money down and then let me pay out the rest. He is a really nice man and I will use him again and will recommend him to anyone I know that has someone in jail.
Thank you very much for all of your help!

Mary Schwartz (Google Review) February 12, 2016


I was helped at pcs bail by Tina. She was very nice, but all business too. I had called another bondsman earlier that day,and got quoted a much higher price than pcs quoted me, pcs kept their word,and had my fiance outa jail that day,with no b.s. I will use them again off needed,and recommend everyone to use pcs for their bail bonds needs.

Chrystal Gomez (Google Review) February 12, 2016


My parents were able to locate Paul Shruder on a Saturday morning, the weekend before Labor day holiday. They were extremely nice people, especially the front office lady and they were very prompt on getting me out the following day. This is my 1st and LAST time having to deal with a bonds man, but I do suggest this Paul Schuder to anyone that needs this type of assistance.

Meganrichmond ( Review) February 12, 2016


wow! thank you pcs for getting my feet back on the street. fastest and easiest bond process I ever dealt with. you guys are the best !

Adrian Portillo (Google Review) February 12, 2016


Paul and the PCS family are amazing! I have had to use them, on two different occasions and each time, they were friendly, courteous and professional. They actually care about people and that makes it easy to work with them. Paul went above and beyond, to assist me, even though I live out of town! He faxed me the information and remained in contact, through the entire ordeal. Paul and his team are more than bail bonds. They are family oriented and concerned for you and your loved ones. They are quick to respond, so that you can move on! If you have a friend or loved one, in their area, in need of bond, I would highly recommend you contact them first! Thank you, Paul and PCS!

Tracey Cole (Google Review) February 12, 2016


pcs didnt care about my arlington tickets but they did care about me. i was outta jail faster than any time before. these people care about people and that’s all i care about.

Frank Benlin (Google Review) February 12, 2016


Let me just say first of all, that if I had gone anywhere else I’m positive I would not have had such a pleasant experience. This was the first time I have ever had to use this type of service and felt distressed to say the least. But not only did an agent meet me with me at 10:30 pm giving no qualms, she was amazingly efficient explaining everything and answering any questions I had in a kind and clear manner. I had a better experience here than at times paying bills or even at the grocery checkout! I would and will highly recommend PCS Bail Bonds to anyone that is in need of their services.

Beautiful Mind (Google Review) February 12, 2016


This being the first time I had the need for a bond, I can honestly say that PCS made an otherwise unpleasant experience more tolerable. The staff of PCS were very friendly, very professional, and more importantly – at least to me, nonjudgmental. Throughout my ordeal, not once did I feel like I was simply a number or a blank check. Paul and his staff were readily available to me at all times and guided me through the process as though I were their number one client. For me this has been a learning experience. Paul and his staff have earned my respect for the manner in which they conduct business and how I was treated by them. PCS is an agency I have NO difficulty referring those requiring bond services to. Thanks Paul, Tina and Tommy!

Raphael Crews (Google Review) February 12, 2016


It’s hard to hire process servers in another state. You never know if they’re reputable, if they’ll serve your papers in a timely manner, if they’ll be responsive to your needs. I have hired process servers in other states before and been really disappointed. I had emergency pleadings from Maryland that had to be served quickly. The service provided by PCS was the best I have ever experienced. They were responsive and attentive. They checked in with my office about the rules of service in my state. They understood that speed was essential, and went out twice within 24 hours to serve my papers. Crystal was friendly and professional and kept us informed by phone and email every step of the way. I am beyond impressed by their service.

Karen Robbins (Google Review) February 12, 2016


This company is absolutely superb! The girls in the office are sweet funny and handle business fast! They do what they say and then some. Thank you so much PCS! Yall helped me in a tough time when no one else would and made me leave feeling peaceful and happy!

Nick Burrows (Google Review) February 12, 2016

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