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What Happens When a Bond Gets Revoked?


When a bond is revoked, the defendant has lost the right to their freedom before trial. This means that they must return to jail and await their court date in custody. Bonds are often revoked for failure to appear in court, in which case an arrest warrant will be issued. Other reasons include committing a crime while released or violating any other condition of bail.

Can a Co-Signer Revoke a Bond?

Yes, a co-signer may revoke a bond if they change their mind about taking on the responsibilities it entails. However, they must gain approval from the court before doing this.

Can a Bail Bondsman Revoke a Bond for Non-Payment?

No, a bail bondsman may not formally revoke a bond for non-payment. While bondsmen cannot return a defendant to jail to punish them from non-payments, they can pursue legal action to collect their payments and report the transaction to credit bureaus.

If My Bond Is Revoked Can I Get Another One?

If your bond has been revoked, there are certain circumstances under which you can have it reinstated. Whether this is possible depends on the charges and how long it’s been since the bond was forfeited.

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