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What if I Don’t Have Money for Bail?


Being caught in a situation where you aren’t able to make bail can be stressful and even detrimental to your future. Even if you don’t have the money upfront for your bail, there are a few different options you can try to make bail and get out of jail while you await your court date.

How Can I Post Bail with No Money?


You can put up collateral in lieu of or in addition to a bail bond premium. Items like jewelry, electronics, and even property can be accepted as bail bond collateral.

Bail Bond Money Loan/Financing

This is a good option if you don’t have the cash to pay the bail bond fee upfront, but the bail is an amount you’ll be able to pay back in a reasonable amount of time. This way, you won’t have to put up the full bail amount or even the full bail bond fee.

Credit Card

Defendants can also use credit cards to pay their bond premium. As long as you have enough credit and take note of the interest fees, using a credit card is a good way to make your bail.

Ask a Friend/Loved One

It can never hurt to ask a friend or loved one to help you out with the fees associated with your bail. Make sure to have a solid agreement about repayment with the other party to avoid future conflict.

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