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American Migrant Children Crisis

PCS Bail Bonds knows that it is no secret that there has been an immigration problem in the U.S. for many years and because of its location, the state of Texas is right at the center of the issue. Recently, a more pressing issue has presented itself, that being the influx of child migrants who have flocked unlawfully into the U.S., primarily from Central America.

 Fort Worth bishop Michael Olson joined Dallas bishop Kevin Farrell, along with other leaders from the Catholic Charities, in urging that lawyers volunteer their time to represent these children during their immigration court hearings. These leaders claim that it is not right for these children to be standing alone facing immigration judges with no idea of how to represent themselves.

 Over 60,000 migrants have crossed the border since October of 2013, primarily from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, and over 90% of them will be or have been deported. And the circumstances they are retreating from involve violent and usually drug-related wars in the streets in which these children grow up.

 The Catholic Charities of Dallas have been providing legal services to these youth for the past four years and are asking for continued donations to support these costs. They are also accepting toiletries and other items that can help the migrant youths while they await their fate.

 This is a complicated matter and PCS Bail Bonds is not claiming any position; we simply feel that it is important to touch on these issues and provide residents of Fort Worth with information surrounding matters that have an impact on their communities. Unlawful immigration has always been an issue in the state of Texas, but when it involves children, the circumstances are not so cut and dry.

 PCS Bail Bonds offers bail bonds services in Fort Worth and we will continue to provide these services and uphold the laws as we know them.


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