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Bail Bond Reinstatement: Things to Know

\"BailIf a defendant misses their court date or violates the terms of their bail bond agreement, it can be revoked by the judge and a warrant for their arrest will be set into motion. However, if there is a reasonable excuse for why the defendant missed their court date, a bail bond reinstatement may be available. What is a bail bond reinstatement? How does it work and how can you get one? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Bail Bond Reinstatement?

When a defendant posts bail they may still have other legal troubles to deal with. It is imperative that the defendant makes it to all court dates until the case is finished. Even if there are emergencies, the defendant is still expected to be in court for the set dates. If the defendant is sick, held back because of a highway accident or car breakdown, has a family emergency, or forgets the court date, the judge will forfeit the bail bond and issue a bench warrant for their immediate arrest. A bail bond can also be revoked if the defendant commits another crime or does not abide by the terms of the bond agreement.

If this happens, the defendant will need to contact their bondsman quickly to ask for a reinstatement of the bail bond. This paper is then presented to the court to lift the bench warrant, and it reinstates the bail bond.

Can a Revoked Bond Be Reinstated?

There are few things that come into play when finding out how to get your bond reinstated and if it can be done. It depends on the charges of the crime, how much time has passed since the bond was forfeited, and if the court judge has a reason to refuse the bond. Criminal cases are often complicated, so defendants would benefit from discussing their case with a criminal defense lawyer.

If the defendant missed the court appearance, the bondsman can bring them back to court to submit a reinstatement of liability. This form asks the judge to reinstate a revoked bond. What happens when your bond is revoked? What does it mean when a bond is reinstated? The case will continue from the point where it was before the defendant missed their court date. It also means that the defendant avoids penalties like additional charges, fines, jail time, and time in a state prison.

How to Get a Bond Reinstatement?

At PCS Bail Bonds you can get help from a 24-hour bail bondsman near Arlington, Texas. If you need a bail bond agreement or solutions for a bail revocation, and have received the judge’s approval for reinstating, we can get you the bail bond you need.

With over 25 years of experience, we help our clients navigate the complex world of bail, and we have professional memberships in several renowned associations including the Professional Bondsmen of Texas, Tarrant County Bar Association, Professional Bondsmen of Tarrant County, and the Texas Process Servers Association. We also post affordable bail bonds, offering rates that are 10 percent lower than our competitors. Our bond agents are always on call and we can be down to the jail in as little as 30 minutes.

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