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Bail Bondsman or Lawyers: Whom Should You Call First When Arrested?

\"BailBeing arrested for a crime can be a horrifying experience. If it happens, you need to make a decision on who to call for assistance. The common question is whether to call a lawyer or a bail bondsman first. In this article, we will explain each option in detail, so you can make the correct decision.

The Role of a Bail Bondsmen and the Process

A bail bondsman will guarantee to pay the bail amount to the court if the defendant fails to appear for their trial. Bail is a monetary amount set by the court that the arrested person or a someone close to them can either pay in cash or use real estate as collateral or can have guaranteed by a bond agent.

The process of dealing with a bondsman can be relatively simple.

On the initial call, the bondsman will tell you the fee. If in agreement, the bondsman will next provide the court with a surety bond to have the defendant released. Providing the defendant shows up in court and doesn’t skip out on any other subsequent court dates, there’s no further financial obligation to the bail bondsman.

Benefits of Hiring a Bail Bondsmen Over Lawyers

While it’s always important and necessary to hire both a lawyer and a bondsman, there’s a reason why it might be in your best interests to contact a bail bondsman before a lawyer.

A lawyer can help you with your case, but only a bail bondsman can get you out of jail prior to trial.

Here’s why that’s important:

Bailing Out Gives the Defendant More Leverage

When a defendant is incarcerated, the prosecution has leverage to offer a plea bargain. A plea bargain is when the defendant agrees to plead guilty to lesser charges. The reason to do this from a defendant’s standpoint is to get out of jail quicker.

However, this kind of deal could result in a conviction for a crime not committed.

By arranging for bail first, this actually gives the lawyer more time to work on a case while keeping the defendant out of jail in the process.

Bail Bondsman Help the Defendant Avoid County Jail

When someone is arrested, they are likely to be sent to a local jail on a temporary basis. It’s important that bail is posted before the defendant can be transferred to a county jail, which is much worse.

The key is acting fast: someone who’s arrested should post bail within the first few hours of arrest. Once bail has been posted, the defendant is free to leave the local jail and therefore avoid being transferred to county jail.

A Bail Bondsman Will Get You Out Immediately

While a lawyer might be able to visit their client in jail almost immediately upon arrest, they cannot get them out of jail quickly. Plus, bail is not inexpensive and most people do not have the money (potentially up to $50,0000) to arrange their own bail immediately.

This is where a bail bondsmen excels. The agency can guarantee the bail very quickly and have the defendant released.

Hiring a Lawyer Isn’t Necessarily a Guarantee of Liberty

A lawyer is essential in helping a defendant fight the charges against them. However, there’s no guarantee a lawyer will be successful.

A bail bondsman, on the other hand, can guarantee that you will be released from jail after you’re arrested by guaranteeing your bail with the courts. Using a bail bondsman is the most effective and quickest way to get out of jail when arrested, prior to any court proceedings or sentencing.

If you or someone is arrested, it’s important to note that you should always retain a lawyer to help plead your case in court. Ideally, if you have the wherewithal, you should hire both a lawyer and a bail bondsman, like Texas-based PCS Bail Bonds, upon arrest. However, to get out of jail quickly to allow you to work with a lawyer beyond a prison meeting room, it’s best to call a bail bondsman first.

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