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If you have been charged with harassment or assault on a public servant in Texas, you could be facing serious consequences. Hiring an experienced felony assault lawyer is your best shot at protecting yourself, whether the accusation against you is either true or false. Aside from having a strong legal team, it’s also important that you contact a bail bondsman. Here’s what you need to know about the punishment and penalty of assault on a public servant in Texas.

Who Is a Public Servant?

A public servant is a person who works in a branch of the government on either a federal, state, or local level. They settle disputes and create or enforce the laws across the country. The most common public servant likely to be attacked is a police officer, as they are present during a lot of disputes and that can lead to assault. In many cases, when someone violently resists arrest an officer may get punched or kicked, either by accident or intentionally. In this case, the person may get arrested and charged with assault on a public servant.

On a federal level, a public servant can be a congressman, an employee from the House of Representatives, a senator, federal judge, or even the President. If you assault any of those people and get arrested, you will need to fight your case in Federal Court.

Some other people who would be considered public servants include:

  • An employee of the government
  • An agent of the government
  • A juror or grand juror
  • An attorney performing a government function
  • A candidate for public office

Types of Assault on Public Servants

Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant

Texas law defines aggravated assault on a public servant as a situation where a member of law enforcement, emergency services personnel, or emergency medical staff are assaulted with a deadly weapon. In charges where a deadly weapon is used, the penalties are far more severe. These weapons can include knives, explosives handguns, and more. It is a first-degree felony. The sentence for aggravated assault on a public servant in Texas can lead to life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

Harassment of a Public Servant

According to Texas law, harassment of a public servant is when someone, with the intent to assault, harasses or alarms the public servant. It is also considered harassment when a person causes someone else to be in contact with blood, semen, vaginal fluid, urine, or feces, with the knowledge that they are a public servant on duty. The punishments for this crime range between two and 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. This crime is classified as a third-degree felony assault on a public servant.

Penalties for the Assault on a Public Servant in Texas Penalty

The penalties for assault on a public servant are harsher than other assaults. Assault is already a serious crime that can lead to severe consequences if you are arrested. Assault bodily injury is a class A misdemeanor and assaulting a public servant is a third-degree felony in Texas. By this categorization, the range of punishment is between two and 10 years in Texas prison (sometimes with 10 years of probation) and up to $10,000 in fines. Severe cases may also include 25 years of being forbidden to own a firearm, 20 years of not voting, and a lifetime of listing your conviction on your job applications. Aggravated assault enhances the consequences, pushing it to a first-degree felony. If you are convicted of such a crime, you can face life in prison. If the public servant lost their life, you could face the death penalty in Texas if you are found guilty.

When anyone is dealing with a charge that carries the possibility of prison time, it needs to be taken very seriously. Defending a felony raises the stakes, and your case will likely be in District Court, instead of County Court. Your case will also be indicted, meaning it will go through the grand jury process. It is important to understand that even if there was no physical contact, you can still be convicted of this crime. The severity of these consequences is why you need an experienced assault of a public servant lawyer.

Bail for Assault on a Public Servant Charges in Texas

If you need bail for aggravated assault in Texas on a public servant, PCS Bail Bonds can help you arrange your bail. We have 25 years of experience in bail bonds for a variety of arrest situations including assault on a public servant, theft, drug possession, embezzlement, domestic abuse, and more. Our experienced bond agents can help you obtain a bond and can get the job done in a fraction of the time compared to other agencies. We have professional memberships in several renowned associations including the Professional Bondsmen of Texas, Tarrant County Bar Association, and Professional Bondsmen of Tarrant County. We also post affordable bail bonds in Fort Worth, Texas, and other municipalities in Tarrant County. We process requests quickly and efficiently and our bond agents are always on call and we can be down to the jail in as little as 30 minutes.

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