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Bail for Theft Charges in Fort Worth, Texas

Theft in the state of Texas can refer to many incidences. It can be as simple as shoplifting, but can extend to include instances of fraud or purchasing stolen property. The general definition of theft in Texas is the “taking of someone else’s property without consent.” This can be done either through deceit or by physically taking an item. Punishments for theft depends on the item stolen. The accused can either pay a fine, or serve jail time for more serious theft offenses.

Types of Theft Charges

  • Shoplifting: Taking merchandise from a business without proper payment or without the intent to pay at all.
  • Burglary: Illegally entering a property or some kind of motor vehicle intending to commit a crime. Even if no theft occurs, the accused can be charged with burglary based on the intent.
  • Misdemeanor Theft: Any theft of an item with its value below $300. The accused will be charged with a misdemeanor.
  • Felony Theft: In general terms, any theft exceeding $300 is considered grand theft. The accused will be charged with a felony offense.
  • Carjacking: Forcefully taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.
  • Identity Theft: Taking on the identity of someone else with the intent of obtaining that individual’s credit.
  • Dealing in stolen property: Attempting to traffic stolen property. Not just the physical act, but any organizing, supervising, or financing the deals also count as illegal activity.
  • Robbery: Forcible theft that includes some kind of assault or other violence.
  • Embezzlement: Taking someone else’s money or property through the abuse of being in a position of trust.

Classification and Penalties for Theft Charges in Texas

First-Degree Felony Theft

First-degree theft in Texas is classified as a felony charge if the value of the property or services stolen is equivalent to $200,000 or more. Punishment can include anywhere between five to 99 years of prison within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and a fine of up to $10,000.

Second-Degree Felony Theft

Second-degree theft in Texas refers to theft of property or services valued at anything over $100,000 and under $200,000. Penalties for this crime carry two to 20 years in prison, depending on the severity of the crime and other circumstances. In addition, fines can range up to $10,000.

Third-Degree Felony Theft

Theft is considered a third-degree felony in the state of Texas if the total value of the property or services stolen is equal to $20,000 or more, but less than $100,000. Third-degree felonies are also determined by the type of property or product stolen, such as if it’s livestock. Jail time for a third-degree felony theft charge can vary from two to 10 years in a state prison, and fines can range up to $10,000.

State Jail Felony Theft

A state jail felony in Texas occurs when the value of the property or services that were stolen amount to $1,500, but less than $20,000. Penalties can include jail time from 180 days to two years, and fines up to $10,000 can be charged.

Class A Misdemeanor Theft

Misdemeanor thefts are less severe than felony theft charges in Texas, and thus are treated as such. A class A misdemeanor theft happens when the value of the property or services stolen is $500 or more, but less than $1,500. Offenders can face up to a year of jail time or a fine of up to $4,000, and in rare cases, they could face both.

Class B Misdemeanor Theft

Offenders can be charged with a class B misdemeanor theft charge in Texas if the value of the property or services they stole amounts to more than $50, but less than $500. Class B misdemeanors are also determined by whether or not the stolen property includes a driver’s license or any other type of government-issued identification card. Offenders can face up to 180 days in prison, and be subject to fines of up to $2,000.

Class C Misdemeanor Theft

Theft can be classified as a class C misdemeanor in Texas if the value of the property or services stolen is less than $50. This charge carries no jail time, but offenders can face fines of up to $500. These charges are reserved for minor crimes, and offenders are sometimes not charged at all depending on the severity of the crime and the background of the offender.

Bail Bonds for Theft or Burglary Charges

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