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The state of Texas does allow for individuals to lawfully carry a firearm. However, there were several new rules and regulations enacted that took effect at the beginning of 2016 concerning open carry that should be considered. It would be wise to familiarize yourself with those regulations before engaging in any activity that might include the use of any kind of weapon. PCS Bail Bonds is here to explain the repercussions for charges pertaining to the possession of illegal weapons.

What Is The Charge For Carrying A Dangerous Weapon In Texas?

The charge for the possession or unlawful use of a dangerous weapon or the possession of a firearm can vary. Often, the charge can depend on the specifics surrounding the situation. Prohibited weapons include many things, from switchblade knives and machine guns. If you are in a situation that might be perceived as violent or threatening, the charges might be more serious than if the weapon is simply found on your person during a routine stop. Charges for carrying a dangerous or illegal weapon is generally a Class A misdemeanor.

The penalty for carrying any of these can be up to one year in prison, a fine of $4,000, and possible community service. These penalties become dramatically increased if the weapon is used in the act of a crime or, in the case of a firearm, if the gun is fired in public for any reason besides protecting yourself or a patron.

Weapons That Are Illegal To Possess In Texas

A gun is typically the first type of weapon that comes to mind when people think about illegally possessing a weapon. There are definitely other weapons that are illegal to carry in the state of Texas that you should be aware of. Other illegal weapons include the following:

  • Brass knuckles
  • Rifles with barrels shorter than 16 inches long
  • Shotguns with barrels sawed off to less than 18 inches long
  • Any shotgun or rifle that has been altered in any way that would result in the weapon being shorter than 26 inches long
  • Zip guns, which are altered hand guns

Any of these weapons could get you into trouble with the law if you don’t have the proper license. If you find yourself in legal trouble after bringing one of these weapons out and about, PCS Bail Bonds will be able to assist you. 

Bail Bonds For Unlawful Weapons Charges In Fort Worth 

Unlawfully carrying a weapon can be a serious offense and is handled as such by the Texas courts. Penalties can be stiff, but everyone is still expected to be treated fairly. This means that posting bail is typically an option, even if the charge seems serious.

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