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How to Bail Someone Out of Jail without Money


If someone you know has been arrested, it’s likely that you may not understand how bail works. You may also wonder what your options are if you need to post bail for them, but don’t have the accessible funds. Here are some options to help you bail someone out of jail without money, and why you should work with a professional bail bondsman.

Understand Bail Basics

The legal system in the United States presumes that a person who has been arrested is considered innocent until proven guilty. However, while waiting for their trial date, a defendant may need to spend time in jail, and may not be able to enjoy their daily routine and normal lifestyle for a while. The reason for a bail bond is to allow this person to get out of jail for the weeks or months until their trial date. This way they can enjoy most of the aspects of their daily lives, without sitting in a cell. There are conditions during this time that the defendant must obey, and as long as they follow these rules, they will not face any additional consequences.

How Is Bail Amount Set?

There are certain factors the judge must consider before setting the bail amount. This amount will vary from defendant to defendant. Here are the factors that come into play:

  • The defendant’s criminal record
  • The seriousness of the crime
  • The level of risk that the defendant will flee
  • How much of a threat the defendant poses to society
  • The financial resources of the defendant

The defendant can either pay the entire amount of bail, give the court interest in your property, or work with a bail bondsman.

If You Can’t Afford the Bail Amount

There are some situations when the bail amount is too high for the defendant or their loved one to pay. In these cases there are other options, which include the following.

Use Collateral

A defendant can put up items like jewelry, electronics, or property in lieu of or in addition to a bail bond premium.

Credit Card

Defendants can also use their credit cards to pay their bond amount, as long as they have enough to cover the additional interest fees.

Own Recognizance

A judge may grant this type of bond if they realize the defendant is not a flight risk or a threat to the community. They may determine that the crime is not serious enough to keep them in jail, and grant this bond as long as they show up for trial and follow the rules of their bail release.

Signature Bond

Similar to the Own Recognizance bond, this option does not require any payment or a cosigner. Your bondsman may be able to negotiate a signature, and you’ll simply need to confirm that you will abide by your pretrial conditions and show up for trial.

Personal Recognizance Bond

This option is provided to defendants who have a non-violent criminal history. The judge may decide to release them on this bond, which comes with requirements such as taking classes or seeking therapy. By following these stipulations, the defendant will remain out of jail.

What Other Options Are Available?

If you are truly penniless to help your friend or relative in jail, there are a few “no money down” options you can use:

  • Arraignment: If the defendant does not have an attorney, the court will appoint one for the assignment. This can be a scary option because the outcome may not be of benefit to the defendant or the person attempting to post bail. The bond amount may be reduced, but it could stay the same or increase.
  • Sell Possessions: To make the bail amount, you can sell your possessions and use that money for the bail, or you can use them as collateral. Only items with sufficient value will be counted towards the amount such as a vehicle or jewelry.
  • Jail: The last option is to let the defendant stay in jail for 45 days. After this period of time you can file a motion to reduce the bail amount. If a relative or loved one has asked you for help, this can be a difficult option to choose.

How PCS Bail Bonds Can Help You

Most defendants have the right to receive bail, but if you’re their only hope it can be stressful and challenging to help. Knowing what to do and what your options are for posting bail are key to ensuring you can effectively help your friend. Working with a bail bonds agency will provide you this insight and advice. These professionals can help you choose alternative bail bond options if you don’t have enough in your pocket.

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