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Holding Police Accountable

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Being bail bonds agents here in Tarrant County, PCS Bail Bonds holds itself to a higher standard of behavior and responsibility because we know we represent the law of our nation. Police officers are held at an even higher standard because they are here not just to represent the law, but to uphold the laws by which we all abide.

So on Thursday, October 30, when a Tarrant County jury began deliberation of former Police Sergeant Antoine Jevon Williams for taking athletic shoes and a video game from the home of an accused drug dealer, it brings up questions of responsibility and accountability within the police force.

Current Police Sergeant Kevin Fitchett testified that officers often take items from crime scenes without immediately logging them into evidence. He says those instances should be an internal matter, but officers should not be charged criminally for their mistake. Sergeant Fitchett also admitted officers took things from drug dealers they call “props” so they can better acclimate with the lifestyle of the criminals.

We at PCS Bail Bonds  understand our role as bail bonds agents in Tarrant County, but we can’t understand the pressures police officers endure being on the streets every day, putting their lives on the line to protect us from harm. And we are certainly empathetic to the struggles of having to invade the homes of drug dealers and other criminals and the dangers that come with that.

However, because of their position and the responsibilities they carry, officers are leaders. We believe they are and should be held responsible for all of their actions, both on the job and off, because the law is their life. The items taken by the former the sergeant seem minor, but the principle of the case is why it is currently in Tarrant County court.

Williams could possibly pay up to $10,000 in fines, as well as up to two years jail time because of his position as a public servant.

PCS Bail Bonds is in full support of the Tarrant County officers and the good work they do. We can only hope that they continue the honest work we’ve come to expect from the officers of Tarrant County.


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Author: Paul Schuder

Paul Schuder is the owner of PCS Bail Bonds and Profession Court Services (PCS). He is a lifelong resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Paul has over twenty years of courthouse experience, and has been in businesses involving the criminal justice system for his entire career. Paul has helped thousands of clients with their pursuit of justice and fair play. Mr. Schuder maintains high levels of respect with all the court house personnel, especially judges and attorneys. Using a close hands-on personal approach and a keen understanding of all cultures, helps people when they need it most. Add me to your G+

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