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Differentiate Cash Bond and Surety Bond


    Bail bonds can be a tricky thing to fully understand. Several bond options are available when a friend or family member goes to jail and the better you can comprehend these options, the quicker you can act to bail your family or friend out of what is a scary situation.

    Bail Bonds Options

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    For most people, the most feasible bond option is a surety bond. In those instances, the bail bondsman agrees to put up the set bail amount with what is typically a percentage fee that is non-refundable. For example, if the set bail amount is $10,000, the bondsman will put up the full amount and only charge a percentage to whichever friend or family member is willing to put up the funds.

    A cash bond is a bit more straightforward. It’s when the defendant or someone else puts up the full amount of set bail, plus any non-refundable Sheriff’s fee; so if the bail amount is $20,000, the full cash amount due is $20,000 plus any fee for processing the bond. Once the full amount is paid, the defendant is let out of jail with the condition that he or she must appear to all of their hearings and any other stipulations set by the courts.

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    What You Should Know About Cash Bonds

    If a third party puts up the full amount for the cash bond, there are a couple facts you should know. If at any time you feel that the individual for which you posted the bond could possibly break the law again or is planning on knowingly missing their court date, then you have the power to turn them in to the authorities before this happens and file the appropriate paperwork to possibly get your money back. However, this doesn’t guarantee your bond will be returned in full, and in circumstances where the defendant misses a court date or violates one of the terms of his bail, the full amount of the cash bail will be forfeited.

    cash bonds_2If the defendant goes through the court proceedings without incident, you are still not guaranteed all of your funds returned; the bond could be put towards fees incurred during the trial. Again, you will need to file the appropriate paperwork in order to give yourself a chance to have your funds returned.

    PCS Bail Bonds has been handling various forms of bonds for over 25 years. We have a thorough understanding of how the court system works in Fort Worth and can help walk you through each and every step of your bail bond options. It’s always an anxious moment when a friend or family member gets arrested, but it’s important that you maintain your poise and let us help you make the correct decisions. For more information, contact PCS Bail Bonds today.

    Author: Paul Schuder

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