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Bond Revocation in Texas: Things to Know

\"BondGetting in trouble with the law can be a very stressful thing to experience, but fortunately most defendants who are arrested have an opportunity to get out of jail while they wait for their court date. This process is known as posting bail. According to the U.S. Constitution, fines for bail cannot be excessive, but there are still people who may need some financial help to get the bail money right away. In this case a bail bondsman can help, as long as you uphold your end of the agreement. If you don’t, there will be consequences. Here’s what you need to know about bond revocation in Texas, and if there are grounds for a bondsman to revoke the bond.

What Is Bond Revocation?

When you make an agreement to post bail with a bail bondsman, you will pay part of the bail amount as a fee towards the company, and they will pay the full amount to the court. You will then be allowed to go home as long as you promise to show up for your court date. However, there are cases where you, the defendant, may not be able to show up for court; or your bail bond agency cannot get their money back. In these situations, the bail bond can be revoked. If your bond is revoked, you will be sent back to jail. How do judges revoke a bail bond? Here are some of the major reasons for bail bond revocations and hearings and how you can avoid it.

Why Might Bail Be Revoked?

Jumping Bail

In most cases the reason for a revoked bond is when the defendant fails to show up for court. This is known as jumping bail. In these situations, the court will keep the money, and the agreement that allowed the defendant to go home and be free until trial becomes invalid. The court will send out a warrant for your arrest, and your bail bondsman may not get their money back from the court. This is a serious situation and harms your character and the courts trust in you. To avoid this situation, you simply need to show up for court as you have been instructed.

Committing a Crime

When you are out on bail you are responsible for abiding by the laws and not committing any more crimes. If you are caught committing an offense, your bond will be instantly revoked and you will be sent back to jail, often without the right to post bail a second time. Staying out of trouble and avoiding anyone related to your past mistakes is the best way to avoid this kind of bond revocation.

Violating Bail Conditions

When you post bail with a bail bondsman, you will sign a contract that explains your bail conditions and responsibilities. Most cases these obligations are standard, and sometimes they are specific to the situation or case as outlined by a judge. If you are unsure about your obligations while you are on bail and if you want to be sure that you do not violate them, contact your bail bondsman or the courts to answer your questions.

Bond Revocation FAQs:

If a bond is revoked, will the bond be refunded?

No, if your bond is revoked your money is forfeited and you will not get your money back.

Can a cosigner revoke a bond?

If you signed for a friend’s bail and find out they’re skipping town, you may be able to revoke bail through a bail bondsman. You will need clear proof that the defendant is about to violate their bail terms, or the bondsman must find proof based on your alert.

On what grounds can a judge revoke bail?

The judge is able to revoke your bail bond if they have sufficient evidence to believe you are at risk of failing to appear for your court date; likely to cause more problems out of jail than inside; and if you get arrested during your bail time.

Can you revoke a cash bail?

In some cases, it is possible but there may be a non-refundable fee. Working with a bail bondsman will help you navigate your options as best as possible.

Can a bail bondsman revoke a bond for non-payment in Texas?

No, only a judge can revoke this bail bond.

How can you prevent bail revocation?

Once you earn bail you need to earn the right to stay in that condition. You can avoid bail revocation by appearing in court early at each appointment; obeying all of your conditions as well as state and federal laws; and notifying your bondsman about any changes in your address or contact information. If you are responsible for checking in regularly, be sure to set reminders so you do not forget. Avoid flying if you have travel restrictions, and do not carry weapons or spend time in places with people that do. Maintaining your best behavior, even if it feels unnatural, is your best option for preventing bail revocation.

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