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Consequences for Unpaid Traffic Tickets in Tarrant County

\"BailHere’s the truth: all drivers make mistakes while driving. No matter who you are, whether a seasoned or amateur driver, you are bound to make mistakes. Sadly, if you are caught making a mistake by law enforcement in Tarrant County, you could get a traffic ticket.

Traffic tickets are not really a serious crime per se. You may have to pay a fine and you might get some demerit points. If you pay your fine it in time, however, it’s not a problem. But if you willingly ignore a traffic ticket in Tarrant County (e.g., don’t pay it on time or miss your court dates repeatedly), it could lead to some dire consequences.

What kind of consequences could you face if you don’t pay your tickets or don’t show up to your court date? You driver’s license could get suspended, you could be on hook for higher insurance premiums—and yes, you could even face some jail time.

If you or your loved one has unpaid traffic tickets in Tarrant County, here’s what you need to know.

Consequences for Unpaid Traffic Tickets

Increased Fines for the Ticket

When an individual disregards a traffic violation ticket, the fine amount on the ticket usually increases over time.

Typically, when a driver is issued a ticket, there are clear instructions on what the driver needs to do and when the fines must be paid by. The ticket includes information on how to pay the ticket through the various means and even provides information on how to challenge the ticket.

But the keyword to keep in mind here is “time.”

How do fines increase? At the basic level, it all depends on the ticket. Fine could double if the driver ignored the deadline when the fines were due by. Fines skyrocket if the drive completely ignores the ticket.

License Suspension

Simply ignoring a traffic ticket or not paying the fine or challenging it in court within a timely manner leads to serious consequences. In Texas, not paying traffic ticket in a reasonable amount of time could lead to a driver’s license suspension.

Mind you, there are some traffic violations where your driver’s licence could be automatically suspended for a certain period of time and there might be fees associated with the suspension.

Warrant for Your Arrest

Not only could ignoring a traffic ticket lead to much higher fines and a suspended license, but it could also lead to a warrant for your arrest and subsequent jail time or community service.

At this point, your could be charged with a misdemeanor, which is a much serious crime. When you do eventually appear in court, you will most likely need a lawyer to defend you, which could be a costly affair.

Increased Insurance Rates

As we mentioned above, ignoring a traffic ticket can have several consequences. Consider this: when you own a vehicle, you have to buy insurance for that vehicle. By not paying a traffic ticket or having some demerit points on your license, it makes you are risky driver. And guess what? You now become a liability to insurance companies, meaning could be required to pay much higher insurance premiums or worse, you may not even be able to get insurance.

How Bail Bonds Work for Traffic Tickets in Tarrant County

While driving slightly above speed limit is one thing, there are some serious driving offenses that require drivers to appear in court. These offenses include, but are not limited to, failing to stay at the scene of the accident, having numerous speeding tickets, reckless driving, driving a motor vehicle without a driver’s license, driving a vehicle with a suspended licence, and driving under the influence (DUI).

Not showing up to court could be problematic. One way an individual could protect themselves is by getting a traffic bail bond.

What Are Traffic Bail Bonds?

Usually when someone hears the word bail bonds, they associate it with criminal charges, arrests, and jail time. Know this: bail bonds could be an effective way to deal with an unpaid ticket and hefty fines and fees. Don’t forget that fine and fees increase significantly quick if the ticket has been unpaid for an extended period. It could easily turn into thousands of dollars worth of fines and fees. It may not be easy to pay the entire amount upfront.

If you get a traffic bail bond, you are only required to pay a fraction of your total fines—around 10% of the total amount. Then, you could set a court date where you could ask for a reduction of fines and possibly avoid a bad driving record.

How Much Is Bail for Reckless Driving?

At the end of the day, traffic bail bonds for reckless driving depends on the situation and the driver’s history.

Reckless driving or careless driving is when a driver in the Tarrant County is driving 25 mph over the speed limit, trying to dodge a police officer, or racing with other drivers, for instance. It could lead to a felony or misdemeanor charge.

For a felony charge, bail amount is higher than for a misdemeanor.

How PCS Bail Bonds Can Help with Bail Bonds in Tarrant County?


We understand people make mistakes. If you are struggling financially and have gotten a big traffic fine recently or have a warrant out because you missed your court date, don’t stress too much. You can count on PCS Bail Bonds.

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