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What is Considered to be Domestic Violence in the State of Texas?

\"DomesticDomestic violence is one of those offenses that is extremely sensitive. The crime itself is bad enough, but the ripple effect it can leave on a family or loved one can continue for years. Domestic violence laws in Texas essentially cover any harm, either physical or threatening, done to someone within a household, someone within a relationship, and/or to a family member.

The full legal definition gives more detail, including the feeling of “imminent personal harm,” along with “abuse by a member of a family or household toward a child of the family or household.” The law seeks to prosecute these individuals to the full extent of the law.

Domestic Violence Penalties in Texas

\"DomesticAlthough simple assault domestic violence in Texas is a misdemeanor, it is treated much more serious than the misdemeanor label would assume. It is a “Class A” misdemeanor, meaning offenders can serve up to one year behind bars, with more if it is not their first offense. Any repeat domestic violence perpetrators can have their charge bumped up to a third degree felony, which carries a sentence of anywhere from two to 10 years.

Aggravated assault is an automatic second degree felony, with offenders serving between two to 20 years in prison. This becomes even worse if a weapon is used and that weapon causes significant injury; this classifies as a first degree felony, meaning offenders can do life in prison if found guilty.

Getting convicted of domestic violence also has peripheral consequences. Any person found guilty of even the misdemeanor charges will be prohibited from carrying firearms for five years. When that five years is up, the individual may be restricted to only keeping the firearm at their residence.

Some domestic violence convictions also come with the provision that the offender stay away from the victim. This is what is called a “protective order” and can be enforced for up to two years. This prohibits the individual from going anywhere near the victim’s home, place of work, school, or any other known location.

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Texas

Just like any other crime, those who are accused and charged of domestic violence have the opportunity to be afforded bail. PCS Bail Bonds has served the Fort Worth community for over 25 years and assisted in the bail of all sorts of crimes.

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