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Crime Rates and Bail Bonds in Dallas, Texas

\"BailCrime Rates and Statistics in Dallas, Texas

Unfortunately, Dallas is one of those American cities in which the crime rate exceeds that of the state and national averages. The beginning of 2016 really forecasted the type of year it would be for crime in the city of Dallas. By the end of February, violent crime in Dallas was up 30% with murders up an alarming 32%. The biggest spike was in violent crimes, in which incidents were up an astounding 48%.

The overall Dallas, Texas crime rate is higher than 90% than that of other American cities. This is true for both violent and property crimes since Dallas outpaces the state and national median for both. Special task forces have been assigned to the most troubled areas of Dallas. An increased police presence has made some difference in the everyday lives of citizens in those areas. Prior to this special attention being paid to the area, citizens were constantly approached to buy drugs or fell victim to random acts of violence.

Both police and citizens of Dallas are hopeful there will be some kind of change to keep all of the residents and visitors of Dallas as safe as possible. The violent crime task force is a good start. The City of Dallas will continue to progress through its partnerships with law enforcement to protect its citizens.

Types of Crimes in Dallas, Texas

When breaking down the types of crimes in Dallas, Texas, we are left with a clearer view of what is really going on in the city. The national violent crime rate in America is 3.8 per thousand residents. Dallas is at 6.98. When comparing Dallas with just the State of Texas, we see Dallas still surpasses the 4.12 incidents per thousand persons that is the median for the State of Texas.

With property crimes, such as theft and burglary, the reality isn’t much different. The city of Dallas still has higher than normal rates of crime straight across the board. On the whole, over 45,000 property crimes are reported in Dallas each year. That’s in tandem with the over 9,000 violent crimes committed in the city.

This all adds up to the fact that citizens of Dallas have a one in 143 chance of becoming a victim of crime in their own city. This is another figure that is disproportionately higher than the state average, which is one in 243.

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