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What Is the Difference between Secured Bonds and Unsecured Bonds?

\"SecuredWhen dealing with bail bonds, it’s important to know the difference terms that get thrown around. Two terms in specific that make a difference to the nature of the bonds are secured bonds vs. unsecured bonds. Knowing the difference between secured bonds and unsecured bonds is important for all parties involved, so everyone knows explicitly what they are signing up for.

What Is a Secured Bonds for Bail in Texas?

Secured bail bonds are essentially those bail bonds that are backed by some kind of asset. For instance, if the bail bond is set at $100,000, you can put your home up as collateral (assuming you own your home). The asset can also be something like a car or other property or income stream owned by the one doing the bailing.

What Is Unsecured Bond for Bail in Texas?

We often get asked, “What is an unsecured bond for bail?” Unsecured bonds are pretty much the exact opposite of secured bonds. An unsecured bond for bail means that the bail amount is not backed by any asset. The only assurance that the amount will be repaid is the word and reputation of the person to whom the bond is being issued. Most courts and bail bond agents would obviously prefer secured bonds, but there are instances in which unsecured bonds are still issued.

Secured Bonds vs. Unsecured Bonds

When considering secured bail vs. unsecured bail, the onus of payment is still on the defendant. If a defendant fails to appear for their court appearance, or if they otherwise fail to maintain any of the guidelines on the bond agreement, then in both instances the total bond amount will default.

It is very important that the guarantor understands these rules. PCS Bail Bonds understands that not everyone has assets that may be equivalent to the bond. We therefore try our best to work with people on an individual case by case basis to determine the best solution for bail.

So many variables come into play when thinking about bail. In many instances, putting up the collateral as opposed to paying cash upfront is beneficial to families. It really comes down to your personal circumstances and the nature of the crime.

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