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What Are Texas’ Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits?

If you’re 21 years of age or older, the blood alcohol concentration limit is 0.08%. The rules are a little different if you’re a commercial driver—in those cases your BAC limit is half, at 0.04%. Since the legal drinking age in Texas is 21, it’s illegal to have any amount of alcohol in your system while driving, if you’re under the age of 21.

Can I Refuse to Take a Breathalyzer Test?

Yes, you do have the right to refuse a breathalyzer or any other type of sobriety test, as well as a blood test. However, because of the implied consent law in Texas, authorities may attempt to take possession of your driver’s license if you refuse the requested tests. If this is your first arrest for a DWI and you decide not to cooperate with the officer and refrain from taking any tests, your license can be suspended for 180 days.

What Proof Is Needed for Me to Be Convicted of a DWI?

The state of Texas must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were, in fact, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in public.

Will a DWI Conviction Always Be on My Record?

If you get convicted of a DWI charge, it will remain on your record indefinitely—this means that it’ll show up when potential employers do a background check. A DWI conviction can pose a serious threat to your future.

How Long Is the Jail Sentence for a DWI in Texas?

Driving while intoxicated endangers not only yourself, but the general public as well. As such, the state of Texas takes these charges very seriously. A first DWI offense in Texas carries a $2,000 fine, jail time of up to 180 days, a license suspension of up to two years, mandatory enrollment in a DWI intervention or education program, an ignition interlock device, and an annual fee of up to $2,000 for the next three years in order to keep your license.

If you’re a minor and have been caught behind the wheel while intoxicated, you can face serious consequences, as well. Penalties for minors who have been charged with a DWI include a license suspension of up to one year, a $500 fine, mandatory participation in a 12-hour long Alcohol Education Program, community service, as well as an ignition interlock device.

When Should I Hire a Bail Bondsman for a DWI in Texas?

You should seek a bail bond for a Texas DWI as soon as possible. Many DWI charges are given at late hours of the night, but fortunately this isn’t a problem for PCS Bail Bonds—our agents are available 24/7 to grant bail bonds. Failure to post bail can result in your loved one spending an unnecessarily long time in jail before their case is heard by a judge. It’s always best to post bail as soon as possible.

How Much Is a Bail Bond for a DWI in Texas?

Bail bond amounts for DWIs in Texas can range from a few hundred, to several thousand dollars. If you’re worried about the costs you’ll incur when charged with a DWI, it’s worth noting you’ll be faced with many expenses, apart from posting bail. You’ll have to cover the costs of an attorney, any necessary classes, the license reinstatement fee, increased insurance rates, ignition interlock fees, as well as any other fines associated with your charge.

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