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Federal Bail Bonds in Texas: Everything You Need to Know

\"FederalThere are three levels of bail bonds in the U.S., which are dictated by each jurisdiction. County bail bonds, state bail bonds, and federal bail bonds or federal court bond all have similar processes. We’ll be discussing the federal bail bond process in Texas throughout this article, as it differs the most from the other two levels.

What Are Federal Bail Bonds in Texas?

There are two federal bail bond types in Texas: federal bond using deeded property with justification, and federal bond with no justification.

Federal Bond Using Deeded Property with Justification

Federal bail bond requirements for this type of bail bond state that the defendant must use a property that is deeded or an agreed cash amount to secure bail. This requirement is very strict in light of the significance of the charge laid and the fact that the hearing is in federal court.

Along with the deeded property requirement, another common practice in federal cases is that the defendant gives up their passport and other important documents. The reasoning for this is to prevent the defendant from fleeing the country to avoid being sentenced.

Federal Bond with No Justification

In comparison to the first example, this type of bail bond is much easier. All that needs to happen for the defendant to be granted bail is for their lawyer, friend, or family member to promise to pay the fee in full should the defendant break any stipulations of their release, including not showing up for court.

What Crimes Federal Bail Bonds Cover

A number of crimes fall under federal bail bonds in Texas. They include the following:

Federal Bail Bondsman in Tarrant County Texas

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