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If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged for a federal offense you should contact a bail bond agency as quickly as possible. Federal cases are uniquely complicated, and you need an expert who can handle it well. Here are some helpful tips for dealing with federal bonds through the right bail bonds agency in Fort Worth.

What Are Federal Bail Bonds in Texas?

Federal bonds have similarities to other bonds but there are some clear differences. The most obvious difference is that federal bonds relate to federal cases and are therefore more serious and complex. It is important to note that not every bail bond agency is qualified to work with these bonds. It is important that you choose an agency that has the right experience and skills to handle federal bail bonds.

In the federal bail bond process a federal judge will set bail on the criminal charge. Bail bonds are typically higher for federal cases compared to other types of bonds. Defendants will pay 15% more in fees due to the complexity of these bonds. The bail bondsman will gather collateral to cover the rest of the bond. After this is completed, the federal judge will hold a hearing to ensure that the collateral is legitimate and acceptable.

Tips for Handling Federal Bail Bonds

Many people prefer to have their bail bonds managed by a company that a family member or friend recommends; however, it is more important to choose an agency that is familiar with federal bonds. The recommendation could be a company that provides traditional bonds only and you run the risk of choosing an agent that cannot handle the complexities of the federal bail process.

It is also wise to consider the collateral that needs to be offered. Federal cases are riskier and more complicated, which means the bondsman requires a collateral worth 15% of the bail amount to cover the rest of the bail. Usually, the defendant still needs to pay 15% of the bail amount. Since the federal bail bond process is more intricate and sensitive, choose a bail bond company that can handle these difficult cases.

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If you or someone you know needs federal bonds in Fort Worth or Tarrant County, contact PCS Bail Bonds for immediate jail release. Our bail bond agents, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, can answer all your inquiries and help you through this difficult time. We can speed up the processing of your paperwork and be down to the jail in as little as 30 minutes. Take advantage of our experience and skills, and call PCS Bail Bonds for help today.

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