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First-Time Drug Offenders in Fort Worth, Texas

\"First-TimeThe term “first-time drug offender” might conjure up images of someone dealing a controlled substance in some back alley in Fort Worth. But the fact is that a large percentage of people with drug convictions are ordinary Texans caught with a small amount of cannabis or other controlled substance.

In fact, drug charges are one of the most common offenses in Texas, with around 50,000 people being either arrested or convicted of a drug offense every year.

While Texas has some of the most progressive legislation in the country when it comes to first-time offender programs, a single drug arrest in the Lone Star State can have devastating consequences.

If you’ve been charged with a first-time drug offense in Fort Worth or Tarrant County, here is what you need to know.

First-Time Drug Offenders

Texas might be progressive, but it still has some of the stiffest penalties in the U.S. for drug-related offenses, which includes possessing a controlled substance and for manufacturing or the distribution of drugs.

Penalties for even a first-time drug charge in Tarrant Count can be overwhelming; it all depends on the type of drug found, the amount, if there was drug paraphernalia, how the drugs were concealed, how they were stored, and whether or not the drugs were being distributed.

Again, the consequences can be severe, with 180 days in county jail all the way up to 20 years in a state prison. You can also be hit with a fine of up to $10,000.

No matter what you’re charged with for your first drug offense, it’s important that you avoid jail, clear your name, and clear your record.

Overlooked Consequences of a Drug Arrest

When it comes to penalties associated with drug charges in Tarrant County, a prison sentence or fine are probably the two most obvious consequences. But there are a lot of other consequences related with drug charges in Texas, any of which can have a drastic impact on your day-to-day life.

  • Your child or dependent could be removed from your care
  • You could be prevented from adopting a child
  • Your home, car, and other property could be confiscated if you’re charged with the manufacture or sale of drugs. Even if you don’t get charged, you could lose property through civil asset forfeiture.
  • Student loans can be taken away
  • You could lose access to government assistance programs
  • Your right to vote can be forfeited
  • Your right to own a firearm can be revoked for a felony arrest
  • You could be barred from leaving the country
  • You could lose out on future jobs because of a record

Let PCS Bail Bonds Help if You’re a First-Time Drug Offender

If you live in Fort Worth, Texas or anywhere in Tarrant County and have been arrested for possession or distribution of a controlled substance and need to get out of jail and clear your name, contact PCS Bail Bonds.

Our skilled bail bondsmen are experienced with helping those who are facing a first-time drug offense post bail. We process our clients’ requests quickly and efficiently, helping them get out of jail fast.

We serve clients in Fort Worth, Texas, and other municipalities in Tarrant County. Our bond agents are always on call and we can be down to the jail in under 30 minutes.

Contact us now by phone at 817-335-1655, at our e-mail, visit in-person, or fill out our bail bond request form. You can be confident that you’re working with experts who are dedicated to helping you.

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