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Fort Worth Superintendent Has Big Role in Helping Youth

Being a respected bail bonds agent in Fort Worth for this many years, PCS Bail Bonds has seen so many young people go into the system, receive court bail or jail bail, and then go right back into the same jail system they left not too long prior. Research has shown that one of the biggest deterrents to prison is education, and education at a young age. That means all children entering the school system need it to be an accommodating environment that welcomes innovation and change, and challenges them to be knowledgeable, contributing members of society.

The resignation of former Fort Worth Superintendent Walter Dansby left a gap in the leadership within the educational department. While Pat Lineras has done a good job keeping order in the interim, the newly appointed Fort Worth superintendent will have to be a leader whose voice will resonate amongst the 84,000 students in the Fort Worth school districts in a way that creates the environment for healthy and inclusive education that inspires its students.

This is no small task, which is why Fort Worth school district trustees conducted nine meetings in each of their districts with the aim of gathering ideas from parents, teachers, and other members of the Fort Worth community. They truly wanted to be inclusive before making this decision and wanted the voices of the community to be heard and considered in the hiring process.

The information accumulated from these meetings will be used to compile a candidate profile that will be part of the online profile and used in promotional flyers. All of the information will be visible online by October 16 for Fort Worth residents to view.

Feedback from both parents and residents has pushed for a superintendent who will be understanding to the primarily minority demographic of Fort Worth and about the lives these young people live every day, a lot of times without any true leadership. Trustees will begin interviews on January 19, expecting to select a new superintendent by February 1.

As bail bonds agents, PCS Bail Bonds knows what a young girl or boy without mentorship or a positive influence can turn out like. We routinely process court bail or jail bail for young people who have entered the wrong system and too many times we do it on more than one occasion. We are not placing the entire future of our youth in Fort Worth on the back of the superintendent; we are merely stating that the position is important in helping to set the right environment for these young people to succeed and find a path that doesn’t require jail bail.

PCS Bail Bonds wishes whoever becomes the Fort Worth superintendent the best of luck and great success.

(Source: Berard, Y., “Fort Worth district seeks community help in superintendent search,” Star-Telegram web site, September 28, 2014; http://www.star-telegram.com/2014/09/28/6156020/fort-worth-district-seeks-community.html.)