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Halloween Safety Tips for 2016

\"halloweenHalloween is just a few days away and your kids are probably anxious to hit the sidewalks in search of candy. Their costumes are all prepared and as a parent, it’s important for you to see your kids enjoying themselves. But you also want your kids to be safe, so following a few Halloween safety tips is advisable.

By following these simple tips not only will your kids be safe, but as a parent, you will feel more comfortable too. There will likely be a lot of activity on your block, so always be aware. With kids walking back and forth on the streets, there’s potential for dangerous situations.

Have a Plan

Yes, Halloween is supposed to be fun, but you need to have a plan in place to make sure your kids stay safe. Who is staying home? Who will be going out with your child or children? It’s also a good idea to plot out the route you’ll be taking so the person at home or someone else knows where you’ll be. It’s also important that the person staying home isn’t alone, particularly if they are elderly. There should be some support in place just in case something happens.

Watch Your Driving

It’ll probably be dark by the time the little ones are out walking the streets and knocking on doors. You have to understand that these kids will be excited and won’t necessarily be careful crossing streets. That’s why you as an adult need to take Halloween driving safety tips to heart and slow down. You’ll know what day it is and that kids are going to be everywhere, so take your time weaving through the side streets and keep your headlights on so the trick-or-treaters see you coming.

Check Your Candy

An oldie but a goodie. As excited as your children or grandchildren may be to dig into their candy as soon as they get back home, you must check all the wrappers. If the wrappers have any holes or look like they’ve been messed with in any way, throw them out. Also, look out for any sharp objects in the candy. There have been too many cases of children swallowing dangerous objects when a simple candy check could have prevented this.

Bright Costumes Are Better

Yes, it’s Halloween and you want to stay on theme, but safety should always come first. When you buy or make your child’s costume, think about if they will be visible as a pedestrian crossing streets. Even if the costume your child really wants happens to be all black, find creative ways to add bright pieces to the outfit so they aren’t completely camouflaged by the night.

At the end of the day, it’s one night of fun. Your kids will have a blast just being around their friends and family playing trick or treat. We ask that you please follow these Halloween safety tips for 2016. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is not only having fun, but staying safe.

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