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How Do You Qualify for an Immigration Bail Bond?


If your loved one or friend has been arrested by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for reasons involving illegal immigration, you may be able to seek an immigration bail bond for them from an immigration judge. The only way to release them from detainment is through an immigration bond, which will allow them to return home until their court appearance date. Here’s what you need to know about immigration bail bonds, and how we can help you.

Types of Immigration Bonds

Immigration bail bonds are intended for people who are Green Card holders or for undocumented individuals that have been detained by ICE. As they await the result of a case, these bail bonds enable them to keep their lives as normal as possible until a decision has been made on their trial date. Here are the different types of immigration bonds.

Delivery Bond

Delivery bonds are available to undocumented immigrants who have been detained by ICE. This decision is made by the ICE official or immigration judge. In order for a defendant to be released on this bond, they must receive an arrest warrant and notice of custody conditions from ICE. The bond ensures the defendant shows up to their hearings and gives them the freedom to spend time at home.

Public Safety Bond

Public safety bonds are designed to reimburse any fees to the government if the defendant accepts public assistance of any kind.

Voluntary Departure Bond

Some defendants can be offered the opportunity to leave the country voluntarily for a specified time. They can do this at their own expense. If the departure bond is fully paid to ICE, it becomes refundable when the defendant leaves the country. If the defendant fails to leave the country, the bond will be forfeited.

Order of Supervisions Bond

This type of bond is used to warrant that all conditions of supervision of the defendant are met, and that they surrender for removal.

How Do You Qualify for an Immigration Bail Bond?

ICE will determine if your loved one or friend is eligible for an immigration bail bond. Based on the circumstances mentioned above, the defendant will then be able to spend time with their family until their court date.

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