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How Does the Jail Booking Process Work in Texas?

\"JailIf your loved one or someone you know has been arrested, they will go through a booking process that could take hours. Once this lengthy process is done, they will need to wait in jail until their trial date, unless they can get bail. If you want to get someone out of jail on a bond and want to know how long booking takes in jail, keep reading to find out.

What Is the Booking Process?

The arrest/jail booking process begins when someone is arrested. They are taken to a local law enforcement station for processing and booking. They may then be taken to a local police department or sheriff’s station where they are held in jail or a holding facility. The booking process can be lengthy, depending on the size of the jail and how busy the station is at the time. Large county jails may take over 12 hours for the booking process.

Steps in the Jail Booking Process in Texas

The steps for the arrest booking process are as follows:

  1. Initial Arrest Inspection: Upon arrest, the detainee is quickly searched for any weapons, drugs, and other illegal items.
  2. Record Information: The name and nature of offense are recorded and entered into the computer system. Some offices will write this information by hand. At this time, the detainee may be able to call for bail, if they are eligible, to speed up their release.
  3. Fingerprints and Identification: The detainee’s fingerprints, mug shot, background check, and other important information are processed into the computer system. The picture is taken to establish the detainee’s physical condition at the time of arrest, in case they claim that undue force was used on them. These fingerprints are sent to a national database to find out if the detainee has been involved in previous criminal activity.
  4. Turn Over Possessions: Any personal items on the detainee that could be deemed evidence are handed over to the authorities, catalogued, and retained by the jailer. While in jail, the detainee will not have access to their money, clothing, cellphones, credit cards, and personal property.
  5. Full Body Search: Before entering jail, the detainee may be required to remove all of their clothing and may be searched to ensure there are no hidden drugs or weapons on their body that could be transferred into jail to other inmates. It is arguably the most humiliating part of the process, but needs to be done to protect the officers, inmates, and the detainee him/herself.
  6. Health and History Screens: The detainee will be asked a series of questions about their health or be subject to blood testing to make sure they cannot spread any illnesses to the other inmates. They may be asked about their tattoos or any gang affiliations.
  7. Warrant Checks: The final step of the booking process is the warrant check. This step is to ensure that the detainee is not wanted anywhere else. If they are, they may not be able to leave jail even if they can get bail.

How Long Does Booking Take in Jail?

There is a considerable amount of time involved in booking a detainee. Smaller jails are able to complete the arrest processing within an hour, but larger jails can take 12 hours or more. If someone is arrested during times like weekends, holidays, or evenings, booking can take even longer.

Computer systems need to update once the jailer is finished booking the detainee. Once the physical and computer processing has been complete, the detainee can call for bail to hopefully reduce the amount of time they must spend in jail. Some jails will book faster knowing that a bond will be processed to save space in jail.

How to Get Someone Out of Jail in Texas

Despite the embarrassing and frustrating booking process, the defendant may not have to stay in jail to wait out their pretrial time. There are a few options to get out of jail sooner, including paying bail. Judges typically set bail using an algorithm that considers the defendant’s personal information such as age, criminal history, and how severe the alleged crime classifies. If the defendant’s crim was minor, they’ve lived in the community for a long time, and if they have the support of family members or a workplace, this will be considered when setting the bail amount. The bail amount is used to ensure that the defendant shows up to their trial. Depending on the bail type, the person who posts bail on behalf of the defendant may get their money back after the trial date as long as the defendant shows up.

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