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How to Get Bail Bonds for your Loved Ones during Christmas

Christmas is meant to be a happy time. Friends and family gathering at each other’s homes, the exchanging of gifts, preparing food, and the overall feeling of closeness are all tied to the holiday season. Nothing could be worse than learning someone you love has been arrested over the holidays. It takes all of the steam out of the time you have planned with your family.

Having to deal with bail bonds during Christmas is probably the last thing that crossed your mind, especially if the person arrested is not someone that has any previous run-ins with the law. As difficult as it might be to accept this distraction, the fact is that you still want to do your best to get them out of jail as quickly as possible. And doing so over the holidays comes with its own set of challenges.

Getting Bail Bonds over the Holidays

The first emotion you feel when hearing your loved one has been arrested is usually shock followed closely by anger. You’re upset that you have to deal with something like this over the Christmas holidays when you really should be enjoying the time with your family. It’s important that you do not let this anger cloud your judgment. Yes, it will be a process to get your loved one out of jail. But do not ignore or put off the bail bond process until after Christmas.

Remember that this person is in jail. Regardless of what they did, it’s likely you do not want someone you care about to spend their Christmas behind bars. So, do the right thing and work with a bail bond agent to help bring them home for the holidays.

One problem that may present itself is that you may be travelling. The thought of having to come all the way back home to help bail someone out of jail is certainly daunting. The truth is, however, that you do not need to be face to face with a bail bond agent in order to complete the process. It’s possible that the entire process can be completed over the phone and through e-mail.

The bail bond agent will guide you through the initial online application over the phone. Once that is complete, they will e-mail you the rest of the forms that need to be filled out and signed. Those forms can be signed electronically, or if you prefer, they can be printed, signed, and scanned. Either manner is acceptable and will move the process forward.

What you have to keep in mind is that you need to contact the bail bond company that is local to where your loved one was arrested. If you are visiting family in Houston and your loved one gets arrested in Tarrant County in Fort Worth, you need to contact the bail bondsman that represents Tarrant County. Only they will be legally allowed to process any bail bond procedures.

Let PCS Bail Bonds Help Make Your Holiday Right Again

We can only imagine what’s going through your mind knowing someone you love has been arrested over the Christmas holidays. Your emotions are all over the place. We want you to know that PCS Bail Bonds never stops. We will help you bail your loved one out of jail no matter when they have been arrested.

PCS Bail Bonds has been part of the Fort Worth community for over 25 years. We’ve dealt with our share of managing bail bonds over the holidays. We understand the added stress you feel trying to make everything work. We are here to help you through the process whether you’re in Tarrant County or away visiting your family.

Types of Bail Bonds We Offer

We offer several types of bail bonds that will allow you to get your loved ones out of jail during the holidays, including options if you don’t have money for bail. Typically, if you cannot afford to pay the full amount of bail with cash, you still have options.

Surety Bonds

It’s very difficult when someone has to ask themselves the question, “What do I do now? I don’t have money for bail!”. This is where a bail bondsman can help by offering a surety bond, which is secured after about 10% of the bail amount has been paid to the bondsman. Many bail bondsmen offer financing if you cannot immediately pay the 10% required.

PR Bonds

A PR bond means that you are released on your own personal recognizance with the understanding that you will show up in court. They are usually granted when the individual in question demonstrates that they are not a threat or a flight risk. The advantages here are that no payment to the court is required. This only happens after a pretrial hearing whereby a judge would have to grant your loved ones their release. Be aware that the time it takes for the judge to review your case is at their own discretion, so if they are extremely busy, it may take some time to get out of jail. This might not be the quickest option if you are looking to get someone released during the busy December month. There can also be undisclosed costs if conditions are attached to the PR bond, like court-ordered classes.

Property Bonds

Property bonds are rarely used. In this case, if you have property, the equity on your home will be used to secure a lien on the property. These take longer to process, so they are not an ideal option if time is a factor, as it tends to be around Christmas. Also note that the property must be valued at 150% of the total bail amount.

Bail Bonds Payments Options We Have

PCS Bail Bonds has several payment options in order to serve you best. We accept cash, most major credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, collateral bonds, and have financing options available.

If someone you love has been arrested over the holidays, call PCS Bail Bonds today at 817-335-1655.