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How to Get Bail if You’re Arrested During the Holidays

\"bailBetween scrambling to get the perfect gifts for your loved ones, dealing with a global pandemic, and trying to iron out your family plans, the holidays can be a really stressful time of year for a lot of people. The financial burden alone is enough to cause a spike in crime rates in some heavily populated areas. Unfortunately, many people could also end up spending the holidays behind bars due to past crimes as well. Luckily, there are bail bonds services in Fort Worth that can help you and your loved ones through this type of situation.


Common Reasons for Getting Arrested During the Holidays

There’s a Warrant Out for Your Arrest

Whether there’s a long-standing or recently issued warrant out for your arrest, being in jail during the holiday season isn’t the ideal situation for anyone to find themselves in. The good news is that you have options such as getting a bail bond in Fort Worth or Tarrant County.

Ask a trusted family member to pay the minimum bail amount upfront, so that you can spend the holidays with your loved ones. In order to be reimbursed with the bailout, that same family member must commit to attending all of your court hearings until the case is resolved. Failure to do so will result in another warrant for your arrest.

Unpaid Traffic Tickets

Unpaid traffic tickets can pile up quickly. All it takes is just a few ignored traffic tickets to result in your arrest and cost you a large sum of money. If you or someone you know is arrested for neglecting to pay traffic tickets, your best course of action is to contact a local bail bonds service in Fort Worth or Tarrant County. They can post the minimum bail to get you out of jail for the holidays or until your case is resolved.

Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

Felonies are classified as serious violent or non-violent crimes that are punishable by a minimum of 366 days in jail. Examples include: murder, kidnapping, tax evasion, fraud, drug possession, etc. These are offenses that can leave a permanent black mark on your record and your life.

Misdemeanors are generally classified as less serious offenses like theft, vandalism, harassment, assault, or disorderly misconduct. These typically warrant a minimum of one year in prison for the perpetrator.

What You Should Know if You’re Arrested During the Holidays

The Holidays Are Primetime for Arrests

Maybe it’s the financial stress, loneliness, or imbibing in alcohol. Whatever the reason, crime rates always seem to increase significantly during the holidays. That means that arrest rates also go up. Another factor is that there are more police patrol vehicles out on the roads due to DUI checkpoints.

Expect Processing Delays

Not only are there more arrests taking place during this time of year, but there are fewer government and courthouse employees available to process them because a lot of people take time off during the holidays. This significantly increases arrest processing times, which means that you could be sitting in jail for a while before your bail amount is even announced.

How to Get Bail in Fort Worth and Tarrant County if You’re Arrested During the Holidays

If you find yourself spending the most wonderful time of the year behind bars in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, or anywhere else in Texas, then your best bet is to contact PCS Bail Bonds. We can make sure your case is processed quickly and efficiently, so that you can spend the holidays with your loved ones.

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