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How to Get Bail for Perjury Charges in Texas

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While some crimes are considered cruel or heinous because of the violent nature in which they were committed, perjury is one of those crimes that may not be violent but is treated much more seriously than people realize. This is mainly because, with perjury, the offender is offering information that could potentially cause someone else to go jail. The fact that an act could so negatively change someone’s life, and that the perjurer is the cause of that change, makes perjury a serious crime.

Perjury is essentially lying under oath. Perjury laws in Texas state that these false statements will be considered perjury whether the offender lied verbally or through some type of written statement. The only prerequisite for perjury is that there was a clear intent to deceive by giving false statements.

There is also another level to perjury charges called aggravated perjury. If an individual is dishonest under oath and their statements are “material to the case,” meaning they are an essential piece of an official proceeding, then the charges may get elevated from perjury to aggravated perjury.

What Are the Penalties for Perjury?

In Texas, the perjury penalty may be more serious than you think. The courts do not take it lightly when sworn defendants or witnesses are dishonest under oath. This is because these false statements impact the entire proceedings of a case and impact how jurors make decisions. Therefore, the punishment for perjury in Texas depends on whether the charges are simple perjury or the worse charge of aggravated perjury.

Simple perjury is a Class A misdemeanor. Punishments for crimes in this class are fines no more than $4,000 and jail sentences of up to one full year. With aggravated perjury, however, these penalties increase significantly. Offenders convicted of aggravated perjury can face fines of up to $10,000. The jail sentence is also much sterner and can see defendants in prison for anywhere from two to 10 years.

Is Perjury Bailable in Texas?

The answer to the question “Is perjury bailable in Texas?” is yes. Individuals who are arrested and charged with perjury are still eligible for bail under Texas law. Once the judge sets the initial bail amount, defendants can work with a bail bond agent to secure bail.

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