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How Will Bail Reform Affect Texans?

\"bailMany are calling for a bail bond reform in Texas, claiming that the current system treats defendants unfairly, and could be detrimental to their mental health. The bail system right now keeps defendants detained in jails while they await trial, unless they can afford to post bail. Many in favor of bail reform argue that since some people can’t afford to pay for their release, they’re forced to bid their time in jail until their trial date, even though they’re legally innocent.

While it’s true that nearly two-thirds of all Texas jail inmates are awaiting trial, and haven’t been found guilty as of yet, painting bail bondsmen as an unaffordable option isn’t true or fair. It’s important to consider the implications of releasing defendants pre-trail on their own personal recognizance. What is the risk to the general public? With the current bail system in place, there are many cost-effective options to help citizens without adding more risk to the general public, and one of those is using a bail bond agency in Texas.

Why Bail Reform Isn’t a Good Idea

Bail reform organizations have suggested implementing a risk-based tool to assess whether or not a defendant should be detained while awaiting trial in place of the current bail system. But this isn’t necessarily the best idea. Although many of the people in jail are awaiting their trial, the bail bond industry helps a large portion of them get released as soon as possible. There are numerous reasons why bail bondsmen are one of the best options for defendants who are detained in jail pre-trial.

For one, bail bondsmen not only help detainees post bail, but they act as a monitoring system for those released from jail while they await trial. This helps ensure that defendants don’t skip or miss their court date, as they know someone is accountable for them. If a thorough bail reform were to take place, there would be more cases of defendants skipping town and missing their court dates. Another point to consider is if more defendants jump bail, taxpayers would end up bearing the brunt of the financial burden that it would impose. Should a defendant jump bail, the court has to pay to issue warrants for their arrest, and it’s the taxpayers who will have to fund that endeavor.

How Bail Bondsmen from PCS Bail Bonds Can Help

With the current system, bail bondsmen absorb the financial load of having the detainee released until they’re paid back. They charge a small percentage to defendants and their loved ones who seek out a bail bond, and in turn taxpayers are not required to fund the release of those awaiting trial. In fact, this fee bail bond agents charge ends up being about half the amount the courts are spending to release the defendant for “free” pre-trail.

That’s why PCS Bail Bonds is such an asset for Texans who find themselves in need of a bail bond. We offer affordable and fast services, and accept a variety of different payments, as well as collateral. We know that being arrested can be an unsettling process and that you’ll want to get out as soon as possible, which is why we work to make our services as fast and painless as possible. For more information on our fast and affordable bail bond options, contact us today.


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