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Being arrested is a scary experience, especially if you or your loved one has been arrested and detained due to an immigration issue.

The U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) has the ability to arrest immigrants who they suspect may be in the country illegally. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need to get an immigration bond. What is an immigration bail bond and how does it differ from other types of bail bonds?

Here’s what you need to know about getting an immigration bail bond in Fort Worth.

The Immigration Bond Process

After an illegal alien (immigrant) is arrested by the ICE, the immigrant is taken to a federal law enforcement station to be processed and booked. Due to this, the bail bond must be posted to the federal government and not a local office, which is why immigration bonds differ from other types of bail bonds.

If the immigrant in custody is not considered a threat to national security or public safety, the immigration judge will determine the bail amount and then either the illegal alien or a third party must post bail. If they can not pay the full bail amount, they can opt to get immigration bonds from a bail bond company in Tarrant County or the surrounding area.

Types of Immigration Bonds

There are two types of immigration bonds available to illegal immigrants in the United States.

Delivery Bond

A delivery bond is for an undocumented immigrant who has been detained by the ICE and has been granted a bail bond by the immigration judge. The point of a delivery bond is to ensure the immigrant shows up for their court hearing and it allows them to wait for their trail while at home with their family, instead of in jail.

In order to qualify for a delivery bond, the immigrant must have received a warrant for their arrest and a notice of the custody condition from the ICE.

Voluntary Departure Bond

A voluntary departure bond allows the immigrant to leave the country voluntarily and at their own expense by a set time period. The bail bond is then refunded to the person, in full, after they agree to leave the country. If the immigrant does not leave, the bail amount will be forfeited.

How an Immigration Bondsman Can Help

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