Tarrant County Bail Bond Specialists

Keep Your Nose Clean When Charged With a Crime

The bail bond in the case of a Dallas-area man charged with assaulting his partner was set at a whopping $1.0 million dollars; this was his fourth arrest for assaulting a woman. PCS Bail Bonds, the leading provider of bail bonds in Fort Worth tells their clients that there are certain crimes that have high amounts set for bail, something that may be out of the reach of many clients.

In the case of the suspect charged with domestic assault, he has been charged multiple times and authorities feel that he is a dangerous offender whose crimes are escalating. When providing bail bonds to Fort Worth area residents charged with crimes, we advise clients that if their crime is serious, such as murder or domestic assault, the bail amount may be restrictively high or they may have restrictions placed on them, such as house arrest or having to wear a GPS-enabled tracking device.

The Dallas man charged with seriously assaulting his partner kicked her in the jaw, breaking it; doctors had to insert screws so it could heal. The man even told the arresting officer that he planned to gather the amount set for bail so he could murder his partner once he was bailed out. If you’re charged with a serious crime, you’re in enough trouble as it is; don’t add to it by saying something that could lead to other charges, having a high bail amount set, and restrictions once you are bailed out. As the leading provider of bail bonds in Fort Worth, we advise our clients to be cooperative with police once they are arrested and not say anything that could come back to haunt them at a later date.

The police will also be monitoring you closely if you are charged with a serious crime, which may include having an ankle tracking device in place. As the top provider of bail bonds in Forth Worth, we urge our clients to stick to the conditions of their bail, no matter what the crime. If you are cooperative, the judge may be lenient when the time comes for sentencing.

If you do make the bail amount, stick to the conditions set forth by the judge. PCS Bail Bonds reminds you that while you could be facing jail time if you are charged with a more serious crime, if you cooperate, it may just serve you better when the time for sentencing comes.


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