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Keeping Your Kids Safe for Halloween

\"ChildrenHalloween is just around the corner and is one of the few times a year everyone can collectively let loose and have a good time on the streets and around neighborhoods. But as much as we encourage our children to have a good time, there are certain measures that should be taken to ensure the safety of these kids on the streets and in and around strangers’ homes. No one wants any problems on Halloween or to be stuck dealing with police and bail bond issues.

Here are a few tips to make sure you and your child stay safe:

Move In Groups

Although Halloween is a time for kids to be out trick-or-treating, it’s still your job as a parent to be there with them. One option is to speak with other parents around the area and take turns bringing groups of kids out each year. No matter the plan, remember that it’s never a good idea to let your kids go out on their own, even if they are in groups, and that at least one adult should always be present.

Wear Bright Colors

The whole point of Halloween is to dress in costume and kids should definitely be able to go out as whatever they want. But Halloween happens at a time of year that gets dark really early in the evening, so it’s smart to have your kids wear at least one bright article of clothing so drivers can clearly spot them moving back and forth across the streets.

Let Someone Know Where You’re Planning to Go

This may seem like being a bit too cautious, but can you really put a value on your child’s safety? Before you go out, let someone in your home know where you plan to take the kids to trick-or-treat. That way, they at least have some idea of how long you will be out and can check in if you’re gone longer than expected. Always carry your cell phone and set a general time to be back inside your home.

Drivers, Slow Down On Your Block

This seems obvious to drivers, but you can’t be speeding down backstreets on Halloween. There are kids outside–dozens, maybe even hundreds of them–so slow down and be patient. And if you are attending a party, it should go without saying that drinking and driving is illegal, so plan to take a cab or carpool to get home.

Do Not Let Kids Go Inside Anyone’s Home

This can be tricky if you’re trick-or-treating around your neighbourhood, but you still need to be weary. Kids should accept the candy outside the door and then move on to the next house. There aren’t many reasons for kids to be going inside, and if they are invited, make sure you go with them.

Check All Candy

\"CandyChecking candy on Halloween should be a tradition. You always need to inspect all candy when your kids are through trick-or-treating before they eat even one. Make sure wrappers are still on securely and nothing is expired. It’s a bit anticlimactic, but you’re the one who’ll have to deal with achy stomachs the next day.

The goal on Halloween is to have fun and stay out of trouble, as no one wants to be spending their night posting bail due to someone else’s ignorance. PCS Bail Bonds loves seeing all the kids out and about for what is a fun night for everyone, but be safe and stay out of trouble. And if you need more information on PCS Bail Bonds, visit our web site!