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Mexican Independence Day Parade in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a city that embraces the diverse groups that make up its community. The celebration of the 49th annual Mexican Independence Day was a reflection of this appreciation and, as observed by PCS Bail Bonds, was a great time for Mexicans to show off all the wonderful traditions their culture has to offer.

Students from the Fort Worth community took part in the parade, as well as representatives from Tarrant County, including state rep hopeful Ramon Romero Jr. Although the parade was to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, all Latinos were welcomed and encouraged to feature their heritage.

The parade was successful, especially considering the controversy surrounding how to handle immigration throughout the entire state of Texas. As part of his immigration strategy, Governor Rick Perry plans to deport non-citizens with criminal records in hopes of reducing state crime rates. His theory is based on stats from Texas Department of Public Safety, which claims that statistics show that approximately 642,000 crimes in Texas have been committed by non-citizens.

Some have disagreed with this initiative, claiming that most of the non-citizens deported have only committed minor infractions and that deporting these people has not had much impact, if any, on the overall state crime rate.

For PCS Bail Bonds, this is a matter which we pay particular attention to. Bail hearings in Fort Worth for non-citizens are unique and require knowledge of a different set of rules and operations.

In our long history doing bail in Tarrant County, we’ve encountered several situations that involve non-citizens, and the matters are usually complicated. It’s a situation where all parties involved, from judges to prosecutors to the police force, must communicate and interact with a high level of efficiency if the process is to be carried out in a practical manner.

But when we witness events such as the Mexican Independence Day festival, we are witnessing how immigration, when handled correctly, can lead to a thriving community and accepted sharing of ideas and traditions. The parade brought together people from all races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds in a celebration that has been truly incredible since it first took place nearly half a century ago.

PCS Bail Bonds is proud that events like these can take place in Fort Worth and praises the community for coming together to make everything happen.


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