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Murder of Woman by Fort Worth Man Brings to Light Violence Against Women

Hearing about the recent case of a woman and mother of three being murdered by her spouse in the parking lot of a Dallas apartment complex in front of her children is certainly one of those heart-wrenching moments you hoped no one would ever have to experience. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as PCS Bail Bonds reminds everyone that violence against women at the hands of their intimate partners continues to be an ongoing problem in America.

Just how big of an issue is domestic abuse? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 38 million women in America have been a victim of what is known as intimate partner violence (IPV). And although this number is actually down 67% since 1993, the number of instances is still alarming.

It’s a sad reality that anyone you love can turn around and commit severe acts of violence, such as rape or other forms of sexual assault or sexual abuse. In fact, one-third of female murder victims are killed by an intimate partner; not a friend or acquaintance, but someone they have entered into a presumably loving, caring, and expected long-term relationship, and in most instances, someone they share a home with.

Fort Worth has several initiatives in support of raising awareness and preventing violence against women, including the annual Victory Over Violence walk that is approaching its nineteenth year in 2015. All proceeds from the event go towards The Women’s Center in Fort Worth, which serves over 90,000 people via personal counseling, employment initiatives, and educational programs.

As a bail bonds agent for so many years in Fort Worth, PCS Bail Bonds has seen a countless number of cases where acts of violence have been committed against women and it remains difficult to comprehend how this violence can ever be justified. However, through the support of the programs offered in Fort Worth for female victims of violence, we’ve seen many women get help and escape abusive situations before they turn fatal. However, many more women remain trapped in fear and are stuck in abusive situations. To those women, we say that there is help and we urge them to find the courage to leave. Support is closer than you may think.

As of this writing, the accused in the Fort Worth case, Nohel Francisco-Sanchez, remains in a Dallas prison on $500,000 bail. His wife and the victim, Brenda Gomez-Llanes, was only 27 years old. We at PCS Bail Bonds send our utmost condolences to her children, family, and loved ones.


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