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New Tower Means New Era for Texas Wesleyan and Southeastern Fort Worth

While 125 years is a long time for anything to be recognized or active, that is exactly how long private liberal arts school Texas Wesleyan University has been in existence and serving students in the Fort Worth community and beyond.

And now, thanks to a $6.7-million investment by the combined efforts of the city of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, and the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Wesleyan will be getting a significant makeover. This will most notably be represented by an 83-foot-high clock tower. A ceremony for the lifting of the clock tower frame was attended by community leaders on April 14.

A Symbol of Community and a New Era


The size of this clock tower alone makes its installation a significant accomplishment. Once fully completed, it will stand as the tallest point in Fort Worth, be the new gateway onto the campus, and transform the entire section of the property. It will also create new entry points. According to councilwoman Kelley Allen Gray, the tower “will be a big win for the entire community.”

This is all part of what is being called the “Rosedale Renaissance Project,” which is essentially a joint project between the enterprises previously mentioned, with the aim of visually transforming the neighborhood.

Other actions were taken with this vision in mind, including Polytechnic Heights’ City Hall and fire station being renovated and $3.0 million being contributed to a center being built for the United Methodist Church. Plans for the Rosedale Renaissance stretches beyond the campus, including extending road lanes and making bike lanes more accessible. Lastly, the shopping center at the 3100 block of Rosedale will be transformed into a counseling program for the university students.

\"WesleyanHere at PCS Bails Bonds, we can safely say this will be a landmark within the Fort Worth community. With its size making it instantly recognizable and welcoming to those who set foot on the Texas Wesleyan University campus, it will make a significant impact. We pride ourselves on being active members of this community for decades by providing bail bonds service to those families in need. Changing how people view a community begins with changing the physical surroundings and we’re hoping this is truly the start of a new era, followed by another 125 years of innovation and education. To find out more about PCS Bail Bonds, contact us today.


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