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Non Arrest Bail Bonds in Tarrant County, Texas: Things to Know

\"NonWe’ve discussed several aspects of the bail bond process once an individual is arrested, but there is another aspect of bail bonds called non-arrest bail bonds. Like the label suggests, non-arrest bail bonds can occur without the accused having to go to jail. And that in itself is a big deal. Having to spend any amount of time in jail is tough for anyone. So with non-arrest bail bond offering a chance to avoid jail, defendants should make use of them when possible.

That starts with knowing the facts. The specifics of the law are often too much for those who have not studied the law. But knowing general facts about what is meant by “non-arrest bail” and the full process it involves is important. Ignorance is not a cover up. Not following the proper steps in circumstances of non-arrest bail can lead to further legal problems. So let’s start with a simple definition.

What Is a Non-Arrest Bail Bond?

A non-arrest bail bond is exactly as it sounds. It is when a defendant is allowed bail before having to set foot in a jail or prison. Non-arrest bonds in Texas usually happen if or when the accused currently on bond misses their trial date. If certain conditions are determined, then they may still be allowed to post bail and not set foot in a cell.

How Does Non-Arrest Bail Work?

Even though the accused in a non-arrest bail bond doesn’t have to go to jail, they must still appear in person to resolve the situation. In person typically means at the sheriff’s office for what is called being “booked.”

Let’s say an individual has been charged with missing their court date. What happens is that once the individual has been charged, an arrest warrant is issued by the presiding district attorney. With the issuing of the warrant also comes a set amount for bail. Once the defendant is made aware of the warrant and the bail amount, they can then go to a non-arrest bail bondsman to pay the bond fee. Then the defendant must take the bail bond to the sheriff themselves.

The reason non-arrest bail bond must be done in person is because the defendant will need to sign the bond and provide a thumbprint. The signing is a promise that the defendant will appear in court on whatever dates the court has schedules. This is called an “instanter.”

Something to keep in mind is that after handing over your bond to the Sheriff’s Department, you are still not free to go. The process of getting booked can take up to three hours, and you must wait for the entire process to be completed before you are considered out on bail. The fact that you are not in handcuffs or behind bars does shouldn’t be mistaken for your being free.

Leaving at any point throughout that process means your warrant is still active and you can and will be arrested. The bail amount can be increased and a new felony charge of escape can get added to your warrant. This is considered a serious offense. The best way to know when you are allowed to leave is when you are given your next court date.

Who Can Get a Non-Arrest Bail Bond?

Essentially, most defendants can technically be eligible for a non-arrest bail bond in Tarrant County, Texas. But typically these warrants are reserved for more minor offenses. Someone who has been charged with a traffic ticket but forgets to appear in court is a good example of who’s qualified for a non-arrest bail bond. Since any time spent behind bars can be traumatic, avoiding that circumstance is always in a person’s best interest.

When to Get a Non-Arrest Bail Bond

It’s important that you get a non-arrest bail bond as soon as a warrant has been issued. The police department will look to immediately serve the warrant, and once that is done, you will likely go to jail. So being quick is key, which means you need to be aware right away if a warrant has been issued for your arrest.

If you have been given a ticket or committed some other kind of crime for which an arrest is possible, you should contact a bail bondsman immediately. They will be able to inform you of the details of the warrant and help post your bond without having to spend a day in jail.

Our Service for Non-Arrest Bail Bonds

A non-arrest bail bond is designed for people who have a warrant for their arrest but who have not yet been incarcerated. While many believe this situation is relevant to fugitives of heinous crimes, this is not always the case. A warrant could be put out for simply forgetting to appear in court for a traffic violation. If you or someone you love is in this situation, a bail bonds agent can help you with a non-arrest bail bond. This process removes the warrant for your arrest and provides you with a new court date. It will prevent you from being booked and spending time in jail. For the past two decades PCS Bail Bonds has provided defendants with cheap non-arrest bail bonds in Tarrant County.

How Much Does a Non-Arrest Bond Cost?

Getting arrested for any reason can be traumatizing, especially if it happens while you are at work, or with your family and friends. Bail bonds agents base their cost on the risk they have to take to post bail up front for your release. Due to this, they charge a fee for their services as well as collateral should you refuse to hold up your end of the bargain. In general, bail bonds in Texas vary between 7% and 20% of the total bail amount set by a judge. Our goal is to provide the best non-arrest bail bonds in Texas so you can avoid going to jail. We are ready to serve 24/7 and will quickly help you or your loved one get out on bail, as long as it is possible.

Why Choose PCS Bail Bonds for Non-Arrest Bail Bonds in Texas?

As soon as you receive a non-arrest warrant, let us know. Our bail bonds agents are experienced and equipped to make the necessary arrangements with local courts to help you avoid jail time. We will do our best to make the process as convenient and comfortable for you as possible. Work with us and you will receive the best service in the area:

  • Friendly, efficient, and respectable customer service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Fully licensed bail bonds agents
  • Skilled with over 20 years of experience
  • Immediate service begins upon your call
  • Flexible payment methods and affordable rates

Cheap Non-Arrest Bail Bonds in Tarrant County, Texas

If you have any questions or concerns about your non-arrest bail bond or if you need help avoiding jail time, call PCS Bail Bonds immediately. We will offer you our experience and knowledge so you can make the right decisions along the way. We understand that your confidentiality is important and whether you live in Fort Worth, Mansfield, Arlington, Grapevine, Lake Worth, Lakeside, or any other Tarrant Country municipality, we can help. For bail bonds near you, simply contact us at PCSDFW@aol.com or call us at (888) 335-1655.