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PCS Bail Bonds Commemorates Conference on Women Against Violence

The ninth annual Conference on Crimes Against Women was held in Dallas, Texas from March 31–April 2. With support from the Genesis Women’s Shelter and the Dallas Police Department, the conference “seeks to bring together all those who may respond to crimes of female victimization and arm them with the most effective, most relevant, and most up-to-date training available to battle this worldwide epidemic.”

It’s difficult to accept that in 2014, with as far as society has come culturally and with all of the advancements we have made technologically and medically, women still face discrimination, unequal treatment, and a number of hardships every day. But that is the reality, and the Conference on Crimes Against Women was formed in opposition to these realities.

At PCS Bail Bonds, we deal with all sorts of crimes in the Fort Worth area, and domestic crimes are certainly among them. But beyond the violent crimes, there are crimes against humanity that largely go unpunished if not for the presence of strong people, groups, and gatherings like the Conference on Crimes Against Women.

The fight for sexual equality has been a long road for women, beginning officially in 1848 with the first Women’s Rights Convention, followed in 1850 by the first National Women’s Rights Convention in Worcester, Massachusetts. The primary breakthrough occurred in 1893, when Colorado became the first state that allowed women to vote. It would take another 27 years (1920) before the sentiment became national and women in all states enjoyed the same right.

America has come a long way since then. We now have women CEOs, women in the army, and women who are the breadwinners of their households. We’ve seen everyday women stand up and change history, including recently with Lily Ledbetter, whose defiance led to a new Act being created in her name that pushed the caused for equal pay.

We’ve made our own progress here in the Fort Worth area. Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings should be given some mention for his efforts; he led a rally in AT&T Stadium in November 2013 speaking out against domestic violence, having brought that same message in a speech to the UN shortly prior.

PCS Bail Bonds also praises women for their bravery in bringing their abusers to court. The number of reported domestic abuse cases rose 14% in 2013, meaning more men are being held accountable for their actions. District prosecutors now handle roughly 2,000 felony cases and 4,500 misdemeanor cases each year. While we should be proud of women for reporting the abuse, the real goal is to end the overall violence and mistreatment of women everywhere. On average, three women are murdered every day by their partner, and more than one in three women have been raped, physically abused, or stalked by their partner.

PCS Bail Bonds wants to remind everyone that violence against women is a crime. Be it physical abuse, sexual abuse, or workplace discrimination, the consequences of being found guilty of these crimes in Fort Worth include jail time.


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