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PCS Bail Bonds Reacts to Texas Attorney General’s Assertion that Arming School Employees Doesn’t Violate State Laws

Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB), April 24, 2014 – PCS Bail Bonds (PCSBailBonds.com), Ft. Worth, Texas’ most trusted bail bond service, is weighing in on the rejuvenated issue of school employees being able to carry handguns on school grounds in Texas in light of new plans currently in legislation.

“In the aftermath of the school shootings over the last decade or so, everyone is looking for the best ways to protect children from ever having to endure such heartless crimes,” says Paul Schuder, owner of PCS Bail Bonds. “In particular, the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident in 2012 really sent a collective chill through the spines of all Americans dreading that something like that could ever happen to their child.”

Two proposed plans are in legislation and supported by Texas attorney general Greg Abbott, who says arming school employees doesn’t break any laws. One is the Guardian Plan, which requires employees to be licensed and to go through brief additional training, but doesn’t call for psychological testing. The other suggestion is the School Marshal Plan, where employees would have to be licensed and go through psychological testing and an additional two weeks of law enforcement-type training before being cleared. (Source: Cutler, M., “Abbott says plans to arm school employees doesn’t violate law,” myFOXdfw.com, April18,2014; http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/25286906/abbott-says-he-approves-of-two-plans-to-arm-school-employees.)

“At the end of the day, it’s all about safety,” Schuder explains. “Our children spend a lot of time at school and you expect them to be properly cared for in all aspects. Our laws need to find the most effective way to do that.”

Others have weighed in on the matter and suggest that if any of these plans were to become law, it would primarily impact small rural areas in Texas, not more urban communities like the Fort Worth area. In fact, the Harrold ISD (Independent School District), which is 30 minutes away from the closest sheriff station, already implemented the Guardian Plan back in August 2008. (Source: “Texas School Allows Teachers To Carry Guns,”CampusSafetywebsite, December 20, 2012; http://www.campussafetymagazine.com/article/texas-school-allows-teachers-to-carry-guns.)

“We have to keep our children safe and get criminals that try to harm our children off the streets. If we can prevent these mass shootings from ever happening, then we at PCS Bail Bonds support prevention,” Schuder concludes. “However, PCS Bail Bonds in Fort Worth will always uphold the law, and it is still illegal to carry a concealed firearm in Fort Worth or any Tarrant County municipality without the proper license documentation. If someone is caught with a concealed firearm, it is possible for them to be arrested and sent to jail.”

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