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PCS Bail Bonds, Tarrant County’s Premier Bail Bond Service, Weighs in on Fort Worth Man Being Arrested for Murder

Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB), October 27, 2014 – PCS Bail Bonds (www.PCSBailBonds.com), Fort Worth, Texas’ most trusted bail bond service, is weighing in on the arrest of a Fort Worth man accused of allegedly shooting his girlfriend two years ago.

Fort Worth resident Mauricio Izaguirre was arrested on Monday, October 13 and remains in Tarrant County prison as of this writing. Izaguirre is accused of fatally shooting his then-girlfriend, 39-year-old Alma Canales, at their shared home in Houston. (Source: Ramirez Jr., D., “Houston murder suspect arrested in Fort Worth,” Star-Telegram web site, October 14, 2014; http://www.star-telegram.com/2014/10/14/6198595/houston-murder-suspect-arrested.html.)

“This is one of those disturbing cases where it seems a simple argument escalated into an alleged fatal shooting,” says Paul Schuder, owner of PCS Bail Bonds. “It’s a sad case, considering children of the victim were said to be present at the time their mother was shot.”

Tarrant court information indicates that Izaguirre is still in Tarrant County jail. According to Schuder, bail bonds in Tarrant County for murder cases are typically steep, and coupled with him being on the run for two years, bail for Izaguirre is expected to be high.

“Another aspect of this case that should be noted is that Izaguirre himself is only 24 years old,” he adds. “Young men and women are throwing their lives away at such a young age. And as bail bonds agents in Fort Worth, we see this all the time; young people just starting their lives getting caught up in these fatal and life-changing offenses is something we encounter on a regular basis.”

“We at PCS Bail Bonds send our condolences to Canales’ children and family and are thankful Izaguirre was finally caught and will hopefully be brought to justice,” Schuder concludes.

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