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PCS Bail Bonds Weighs in on Spike in Gun Violence in Arlington

PCS Bail Bonds (www.PCSBailBonds.com), Fort Worth, Texas’ most trusted bail bond service, is weighing in on the spike in gun violence in Arlington, Texas.

The city of Arlington already has 12 homicides this year, with 10 of those killings having been committed with a gun. This total number of murders through the first five months of this year already exceeds the eight murders the city experienced throughout all of 2015. (Source: Osborne, B., “Police \’very concerned\’ about gun deaths as Arlington homicides rise,” The Star-Telegram, June 6, 2016; http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/arlington/article82058962.html.)

“There is always some concern when the murder rate increases even a little bit,” says Paul Schuder, owner of PCS Bail Bonds. “However, residents should remain confident that police will figure out what’s causing this spike and get back to keeping Arlington a safe city.”

Last year’s figure of eight murders was the lowest since 1993. Experts say that murder rates do fluctuate and that year-over-year figures shouldn’t be measured against each other. Instead, a more accurate indication is the 10-year average, for which Arlington averages about 15 per year.

“Arlington is a city of close to 400,000, with a relatively low rate of crime,” Schuder adds. “While this spike is cause for concern, the long-term trend shows that Arlington should still be okay when it comes to keeping the streets safe.”

Of particular concern to police is the percentage of these murders that are happening with guns. Authorities are hoping to take measures to get illegal guns off the streets and out of the hands of any gangs.

“Texas is a state where carrying a gun is legal,” Schuder concludes. “The problem is the illegal guns and the people who are carrying them and looking to harm others. Those are the ones the police and citizens want gone.”

PCS Bail Bonds has been serving communities within Tarrant County for over 25 years and continues to provide bail bond service for residents in Arlington.