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Bail for Disorderly Conduct Charges in Texas

What Is Disorderly Conduct in Texas?

Disorderly conduct in the state of Texas refers to someone disturbing the peace or behaving in a disruptive manner without presenting any serious danger to the public. Examples include, but are not limited to, using abusive or profane language in a public place, fighting in pubic, or exposing one’s self in public.

Punishments for Disorderly Conduct Charges in Texas

Disorderly conduct is classified as a misdemeanor offense in Texas. First offenses of this nature carry fairly light penalties, typically including a fine and possibly probation. However, the charge of disorderly conduct covers a wide range of offenses, and the punishment could vary, depending on the severity of the offense. It’s important to note that, unlike with most misdemeanors, a police officer may arrest you on a disorderly conduct charge even if they didn’t witness it.

Bail for Disorderly Conduct Charge in Texas

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